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Mosquito infested but a easy hike with kids.
The lake is more like a swamp though.

3 days ago

Solo backpacked this on 6/15/18. Cloudy, gloomy and in the mid 50’s. No views today unfortunately, but maybe next time! Didn’t see another person on the trail until the zigzag lookout.
A few downed trees along the way, but noting you can’t crawl over or under, unless you’re carrying a 36 lb backpack. A few spots with snow left on the trail once you reach 5000ft, but it’s easy to walk across to stay on the trail still.

21 days ago

We hiked this trail on 5/26/18 to Cast Lake. We encountered snow above 4500ft, which slowed us down. Wow... This was a duzey with a 50lb pack, but we made it. We took the Cast creek trail out which was a welcome 6 mile hike. Then we hitched down Lolo Pass to my car at the zig zag mt. trailhead. This hike is not for amateurs.

I’m sure this is a great hike once the snow melts. We neglected to check snow levels and spent our time picking through snow looking for the trail. We eventually gave up and will be back in a few weeks.

Trails were very well marked. We took the shuttle up and started behind the Chevron station and followed the Crosstown trail for a while and made a circle around Enid Lake and then took Lucy out to the road which put us right at Mt. Hood Brewing Company.

horseback riding
5 months ago

One of my go to summer rides for fit horses. Several loops,are possible as well. If you & your horse are in shape this is a rewarding ride, however blow down can be an issue.

Beautiful trip. Definitely a difficult hike. Lots of ups amd downs. My body is totally feeling it today.

This hike is fantastic. Lots of wildflowers and spectacular views. The altitude can make it more difficult if you are not used to being more than a mile above sea level. What also makes this great is that you are on the Pacific Crest Trail the entire way, something to put on your bucket list.

I would have rated this 5-stars if the trail was better maintained. some parts are getting hard to follow and quite a few downed trees. from fire road 18 it starts off a little unimpressive- just a lot of switchbacks in the woods. but once you get up to the Ridgeline, views are awesome - if visibility is good, there is a vantage point about 10 miles in where you can see 5 of the surrounding stratovolcanoes.

It was a great view but it was a good climb to get there. I would do it again. there is a peak where you see all 4 mountains at the top.

3 months ago

4 months ago

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