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Veda and Mirror are preferable to Trillium Lake. Crowds are awful. Trail is in utter disrepair. Signage sucks. It was overcast, therefore views of Mount Hood were non-existent.

To call this a hike would be a bit of an exaggeration. Went on a Sunday in August and it was so packed it took us about 10 minutes to find a parking spot. Entire lake was full of people on floaties and kayaks and paddle boards, all of the beaches were loaded with people... Just not the place to be if you're looking for a peaceful hike. That being said, if being at a busy beach is your scene, it was a beautiful beach with an incredible view of Mt. Hood, but it wasn't my thing.

Not a bad little workout. Unfortunately barely any scenery and no waterfalls. Other downer is that you’re constantly dodging mountain bikers...and I mean CONSTANTLY!! The mountain road to the trailhead is tons of fun if you have a sports car tho

Great for new hikers with kids.

24 days ago

Very outback and not much hikers around and a bit sketchy , I started from Government Camp to the Timberline Lodge, the trails were so rocky and an even pavement, a good ankle support is a must, lots of mosquitoes, there’s not much view except the Mt. Hood. A moderate to somewhat difficult hike.

trail running
26 days ago

I didn't find the scenery on this hike that great compared to the countless other nearby options that are breathtaking. I would rate this more like a moderate, NOT easy if you are doing the full Glade Trail including the extra part shown here (it may be easy when there's snow). It's pretty steep and there are parts that are very rocky and could be slippery. It appears the high ratings are during winter, I went in July.

The route shown is not correct, it shows more like how the crow flies, not the actual trail which had some windy sections. Also, the trailhead for Glade is down the street. This route has you walking on Skyline and then joining with Glade. Lastly, my Garmin tracked this at closer to 7.5 - 8 miles total.

I did like it to train for Hood to Coast. I hiked up to the top and ran down, there were areas I had to walk but I'm new to trail running. The steepness and distance is similar to leg 1 of the race IMO. That was the purpose of me coming here, so I would keep it as a training run or way to walk to Timberline from Government Camp, but not for scenery.

Fun loop but much of the boardwalk is in disrepair. We went around cautiously and enjoyed the wildflowers.

26 days ago

this is absolutely NOT an easy hike. I’m not sure what people are speaking of here... I regularly hike 10+ mountainous miles and this ~7.5 mile up then down hike that ends right at the legendary Timberline Lodge deserves a tag somewhere between moderate and difficult. 95% of the hike is a decent grade, but there are a few very steep sections on slippery rocks. Most of the hike had views of the Mt Hood peak above, and of Trillium Lake below.

Lots and lots of deer + elk sign, little predator sign in some bark scratching and trail marking scat. Not too much human impact.

overall GREAT experience. 4 stars instead of 5 because the top was extremely busy and it was a little “monotonous” if I’m being picky. I prefer some scenery change in a hike but this was as close to 5 stars as it gets!

A portion of the trail was closed due to construction. In June 2018. We followed others around the closed part and enjoyed the views. There were a lot of people fishing and swimming who appeared to be have a blast. Be sure to check availability for camping before you go. It was completely filled that week.

Great hike! We chose the easier way to the left. We logged 8.7 miles with this app. It took us right around 3 hours. The only off trail spur we went on was the one to lookout tower. That couldn’t have been more that a half mile. Next time we will try the more difficult way to the right. So beautiful!

Definitely has a great view; however, its not quite wilderness as you are (seasonally) surrounded by the ski and snowboarding business.

Also, we had a hard time finding the right trail. The "locals" didn't know any "Meadows loop" trail and gave us vague instructions for how to get there. Follow the GPS closely to make sure you're on track.

Easy to follow trail. There was one point my group almost got sidetracked but we then found the signs and were on our way. Nicely maintained and easy. Good for beginners and cyclists.

on Trillium Lake Loop Trail

1 month ago

such a beautiful view of Mt Hood and a very easy loop trail.

Great little day hike with wonderful photo ops along the way.

mountain biking
1 month ago

Beautiful views in all directions as you get to the top of this trail. Tons of wild flowers in season. The forest is open with lots of light. It’s my favorite type of forest to run through. At the top of Five Mile Butte you can glimpse Mt. Adams from the fire lookout. You can also connect this with Knebel Springs trail for a longer, more challenging run/hike.

1 month ago

Beautiful, easy/moderate

Very easy, beautiful hike. What w wonderful view and reflection if Mount Hood!

This was a fun snowshoeing hike. We got there early to avoid large groups of people and it worked. As we were leaving probably 50+ people were coming in. The trail was nice, not too strenuous.

2 months ago

I see so many snowshoe reviews, I figured I'd put in a hiking review. My dad and I did this hike, and it was amazing! This review, is many years later, but the land, the view, and the experience has not changed. We extended the hike up the middle ridge (where the loop wraps around) up to White River Glacier. It felt like we could touch the peak of the mountain! Everything seemed enormous. The hike up until the ridge, family friendly. The ridge, I wouldn't take small children, as you go up, the drop on both sides gets pretty dang intense. The experience was amazing for me! The view looking at Mt. Hood, and all around was amazing! Hard work, but worth it.


2 months ago

Great trail for our dogs! Easy walk.

Gorgeous trail, very easy and suitable for children or, in this case, sprained ankles. Keep your eyes peeled for rough skinned newts in the water!

Beautiful view! Parking lot takes you straight to the best view. Better suited for camping than a hike

Nice easy trail. Can get crazy in summer with “loose dogs”

We visited Trillium Lake for sunrise (5/22/18) and then did the lake loop. It was incredibly beautiful.

Road and trail open. :)

Road still closed and has about 6 inches of snow most of the way. Not many people there. Lots of trash and dog poop, please pick up after yourself!

So disappointed road in was snowed in. No access to vehicles... and 2 mile hike in was too much for you group. Will have to visit again later in the season.... One thing that salvaged our drive up was a great shot of a snow-covered Mt. Hood

3 months ago

Well graded trail. It’s nice and wide, good for groups/dogs. My GPS put us at almost 8mi round trip. It would be miserable without micro spikes/snowshoes. Near the top you have to frogger through the skiers and boarders. It’s compact so spikes are best at the top. I’d recommend getting a late start and heading down at 4 after the runs close. That way your return trip is peaceful and without the mountain traffic.

4 months ago

Took the Red Meadow trail from the bottom of the parking lot. Spectacular little less traveled, unpacked connector to the Trillium Lake road. Main trail was well packed and easily traveled without snowshoes. Gorgeous easy trail!

Total distance from parking lot to and back was about 5 miles. Distance listed is for the Lake Loop only so be prepared for double depending on route. What we walked was the Lake road. The trail loop indicated in this file is the low trail at the lake's edge.

4 months ago

Lots and lots of snow. End point is too steep to climb in snowshoes perfect for those who skin up to ski down. But still a great work out.

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