The Mohawk Recreation Area includes over 75,000 acres of interspersed public and private timber lands in the Coburg Hills to the northeast of Eugene. The Mohawk area combines an extensive road and trail system, averaging 4.5 miles of road for every square mile. Here you can do pretty much as you will, including hunting, fishing, hang gliding, horseback riding, hiking, dispersed camping, and many other activities, with a few restrictions. The only facilities are at the picnic area at Shotgun Creek. Here you can find group shelters and 22 picnic tables, a swimming beach, horseshoe pits, accessible flush toilets, athletic fields, and volleyball courts. McGowen Creek Road, which is the primary access road into the southern portion of the area, is closed to shooting, along with the quarry site and North Bowl overlook at the end of the road. Off-highway vehicles (ATVs) that are not equipped for highway use in the State of Oregon are limited to unsurfaced BLM roads and trails. Unregistered vehicles are prohibited. The Mohawk and Horse Rock Ridge Research Natural Areas are closed to motor vehicle use.