6 days ago

I come here several times a week to walk. Lots of trails, mostly paved (asphalt) but some just wood chips. Some trails are open, some in the woods, some along the river. You can get pretty far out and not see many people at all. Has a very big dog park and dogs are OK on other trails on leash. The loops I walk are 3-5 miles but sometimes I do an 8 mile loop, there are plenty of signs with maps. Lots of birds to look at depending on the season. In winter/spring some areas flood, limiting access on some trails. Recently the park has been expanded at the northern end and now connects by pedestrian bridge to downtown Salem. Only thing I would improve if I could would be to add some hills - the park is overall pretty much flat.

I really love this place I come here every once in a while. I enjoy to bike, walk, run, and play with my dogs while sometimes my family and I go kayaking. Their is a lot to explore including a broken car in the woods and some openings to swim. If I could I would rate this a 10 out of 10 would Come again please come to this awesome park that is connected to river front enjoy everything I do and more down at river front park where a merry go round is waiting for you, please enjoy everything I do and more talking to nice people there. (Kid friendly)

Xander Plumley

Amazing trails

1 month ago

Great off leash dog area and a few trails that are leash optional as well. really big and lots to explore. Great for easy day nature walks. Kid friendly.

Beautiful trails with many different paths to explore.

It's beautiful, and the park is open until midnight.

mountain biking
2 months ago

nice afternoon walk

Beautiful path, mostly paved.

2 months ago