1 month ago

Beautiful trail, when I was here there was about 5 inches of snow which made the hike difficult but it was absolutly gorgeous. we had to ford streams 10 times on the way out and again on the way back looking forward to hiking this again in the late spring. At 9 miles one way (according to the sign at the trail head) this is a fairly long day hike.

totally gorgeous trail. things to be aware of: the map takes you directly to the south trailhead, but the last 5 miles are all dirt roads and sharp turns, so be careful. also, from the south trailhead to the north trailhead is 9 miles, so this trail, if done out and back, is actually 18 miles long. beautiful in december:)

The pillars are neat and provide good views at the top. Mosquitos are unbearable in July be warned.

Just finished the entire loop trail yesterday. Creek is low enough not to get to wet on the seven lower creek crossings. Lots of wildflowers on the Wildcat upper east trail. Plenty of views from up there. Pillars trail is steep from the creek up to Pillars. Hard to follow in some spots but let common sense prevail. Lots of overgrowth and deadfall on the entire loop. Some sections entirely easy to follow. Best views are on Wildcat trail of the entire area. Still water/springs flowing in all sections. Enjoy

Did the entire loop trail yesterday. Tons of deadfall. Estimate over 100 trees down in 24 miles of hiking. Some are easily stepped over but several had to crawl under...yukk. Overall a fantastic hike. Didnt see a single person from North Pillar to Wildcat Trail thru Belknap and back to South Pillar trailhead. Trail is very narrow and overgrown in only small sections. Easy to follow

Great trail from either direction. South entrance has many creek crossings. North only has a few but actually is a easier hike to the Pillars

Beautiful trail but requires a lot of fording across the creek. This year it's flowing pretty good. Would have b en better if I brought hiking poles and water shoes to change in and out of. Would not recommend small children when the creek is high. It pushed me over it was so strong.

on Twin Pillars Trail

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Well the first 4 miles is Moderate. The climb to the Twin Pillars is riddled with blow down. And the trail is STEEP. I'm sure that had something to do with 55lbs on my back. I went in from South twin pillars, crossed to the wildcat trail via the Belknap junction. Headed north to the wildcat trailhead. Then West to North Twin Pillars TH. Then south past the pillars and out. The loop was 27.8 miles total. Be advised that in June. The area is COVERED in poisen oak and ivy. Fortunately I'm not sensitive to either. Beautiful wilderness. Definitely volcanic. I spent 4 days in there.

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