very beautiful

favorite place to go if I have free time haha

This was a great loop for our 4 & 6 year olds. I loved that it was not crowded like other places with numerous falls. The kids enjoyed the falls and the trails.

Such a wonderful little hike with amazing waterfall views. My five year old said "this is the the heart of nature!" I think she's right.

Great loop trail at any time of the year, though some of the wooden steps and walkways can become slippery in wet weather.

This is a wonderful hike! Did it once before about three years ago and I’m amazed at all the upgrades they’ve made. Lots of beautiful views. A little more crowded then it was three years ago, but still a great hike. Family friendly and dog friendly. Will definitely go again in the future.

1 month ago

Beautiful hike! If you have limitations the Royal Terrace trail is extremely steep and there are a lot of steep stairs.
The majestic trail is beautiful!

Kid friendly. Perfect for a family with little kids.

A great hike with some pretty cool views. We only ran into a few people but for the most part it was a peaceful hike. We had three kids with us and and they ran themselves into the ground.

I heard that this was a well-trafficked trail, so I decided to hike it solo several weeks ago. It is an absolute stunner; however, I had a pretty scary experience. The trail crosses over a single lane road to the waterfall and then loops back around. Unfortunately, after seeing the waterfall I couldn't find where the trail picked up again, so I reluctantly walked down the road to find the place I had initially come from. A pick up truck with 3 men passed, all of whom cat-called, but then I saw that the truck was gearing to turn back around. I ran and slid down a slope and hid as the truck rolled by again. Eventually, I decided to get back up to the road and was able to find the trail but this was super scary. The trail was not as populated as I thought it was going to be, and I really thought those men were going to hurt me. As beautiful as the hike & waterfall is, please be careful if you decide to go alone.

I just went there today. Clean bathrooms. No mosquito. It's so beyond beautiful. It's was fun day.

Great hike. Well groomed. Plenty of views along path. Great stops for having lunch

It is great for kids.. it was beautiful!.. and I’m going to go back this week to do it again!

This is a somewhat short and easy hike. There were a couple cool bridges and catwalks in front of the two falls on trail offering spectacular views of them. The trail was a bit muddy in spots and had some snow along the edges, but the only difficult part was the stone steps. I decided to do the route in reverse so I hit the stairs on the way down. May be easier to go up the stairs than down. There are some picnic tables and firepits down by the river. You can make a day of it and have some lunch alongside the river in a beautifully green surrounding.

2 months ago

Great hike ( short though ) but fairly easy. Only partially difficult part is the stairs to Royal Terrace Falls which are a bit steep and slippery. The drive isn’t bad at either ( few pot holes here and there )

Mini Silver falls! Easy almost two mile hike. I decided to go left at the lower falls and save the stairs till the way back. It might have been easier to hit the stairs first. I thought with the snow on the ground in late March they might be slippery, but weren't. Amazing full falls at this time of year. As I noticed by other pics, that other times the flow is quite a bit less. Must go during melting season. Great hike!

Disappointing. The trail is definitely not for the very young, the very old, or anyone with mobility issues. The trails are very steep and not well maintained. It looks like there was cinder/gravel on the trails at one point but in many (most) places that surface has been ground into the dirt and what is on top is really slimy mud. In one steep place we saw before we gave up and turned back there were 3 foot skid marks. Also the "steps" near the upper parking area are not at all what the county park shows on the website. These were made of stones, apparently quite a while ago. The "steps" have broken up and resettled into a very uneven course. In places the next step is more than knee high. At the lower parking lot, there is indeed a waterfall, but there is so much brush in the way that it is not at all visible. We walked downstream a ways to see if there was a point at which it could be viewed and did not find any place where the waterfall was visible. It is really too bad they didn't locate the bridge that crosses the creek 20 feet below the falls instead of 20 feet above the falls. You can see where the water goes over, but no view of the falls proper. The area itself is quite nice. Perhaps the county can find some money for needed maintenance.

This place is nice it's a cute small simple trail that's family friendly we found it randomly while looking for another trail we couldn't find in the area so that was strange lol.

Nice trail system for picnicking and waterfall hikes. Well maintained county park with restrooms and wooden stairs and viewing platforms . Family friendly

Great hike with some beautiful water falls. Picnic tables, bathroom, and grills at the trailhead

3 months ago

Beautiful hike! I would recommend even on a rainy day. The wooden stairs had a layer of ice from the snow this past week so we took it slow going down.

This hike has two fantastic waterfalls. Went on a snowy day. Had no trouble, but it was muddy. Easy hike with a great payoff!

Great hike today! Beautiful day to be out there! Overall good trail. Prev reviews and tags accurate that there are several spots that are pretty muddy, several spots that walking with your kiddos (especially younger ones) would be challenging. My wife and I took our retriever and our chihuahua mix, and 5 yr old daughter along and faced a few challenges because of that combination. Came across a few downed trees across the paths but not difficult to pass by. There is one area as you approach a one of the bridges to begin the second half of the loop where the trail is sort of washed out so walking two by two (i.e
- hand in hand with a 5 yr old) is a bit iffy. Fortunately even if you lost footing, it’s only about 4 ft to the bank below. Also, at the junction towards the beginning of the loop if you opt to go left to see the Royal Terrace Falls first then make the climb around the loop and back down long after the Majestic Falls, you’ll be faced with coming down that route had you gone to the right at that junction, which consists of about 100 pretty slippery stairs (because they are made out of rocks). Again, these things make it a little challenging with two dogs or a younger child. However, despite these little things, this IS NATURE! Can’t expect perfection! Would definitely do this trail again!

It can get super muddy, and slicky in the winter, but overall it was a beautiful family friendly hike.

Great place. Easy hike with 3 beautiful waterfalls. People of all ages and dogs can walk the trail. I highly recommend this hike!

One of my favorite spots to hike and shoot photos year round. Beautiful waterfalls, tables for picnics, gorgeous scenery.

5 months ago

Great trail. I’ve come here many times and it never disappoints. Relatively easy hike for all ages. Has lots of things to see for how short the hike is.

It was a great day activitie. Friendly to all types of walkers slow or fast. Super Dog friendly!

Loved the Falls, kids really enjoyed it!

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