This hike has two fantastic waterfalls. Went on a snowy day. Had no trouble, but it was muddy. Easy hike with a great payoff!

Great hike today! Beautiful day to be out there! Overall good trail. Prev reviews and tags accurate that there are several spots that are pretty muddy, several spots that walking with your kiddos (especially younger ones) would be challenging. My wife and I took our retriever and our chihuahua mix, and 5 yr old daughter along and faced a few challenges because of that combination. Came across a few downed trees across the paths but not difficult to pass by. There is one area as you approach a one of the bridges to begin the second half of the loop where the trail is sort of washed out so walking two by two (i.e
- hand in hand with a 5 yr old) is a bit iffy. Fortunately even if you lost footing, it’s only about 4 ft to the bank below. Also, at the junction towards the beginning of the loop if you opt to go left to see the Royal Terrace Falls first then make the climb around the loop and back down long after the Majestic Falls, you’ll be faced with coming down that route had you gone to the right at that junction, which consists of about 100 pretty slippery stairs (because they are made out of rocks). Again, these things make it a little challenging with two dogs or a younger child. However, despite these little things, this IS NATURE! Can’t expect perfection! Would definitely do this trail again!

It can get super muddy, and slicky in the winter, but overall it was a beautiful family friendly hike.

Great place. Easy hike with 3 beautiful waterfalls. People of all ages and dogs can walk the trail. I highly recommend this hike!

One of my favorite spots to hike and shoot photos year round. Beautiful waterfalls, tables for picnics, gorgeous scenery.

Great trail. I’ve come here many times and it never disappoints. Relatively easy hike for all ages. Has lots of things to see for how short the hike is.

It was a great day activitie. Friendly to all types of walkers slow or fast. Super Dog friendly!

Loved the Falls, kids really enjoyed it!

Beautiful spot

absolutely beautiful

Great family hike. There are some sketchy areas if you take a wrong turn. You can either maneuver threw them or turn around and go back. Either way a good Morning/afternoon hike. There are stairs so no strollers unless you want a very short hike to the first falls out and back.

great hike for the family, excessive dog poop. Lazy dog owners suck


Great falls, two of them! and plenty of picnic tables for lunch

Easy hike. Nice waterfall.

I need to go back. We went in a low rainfall year the second fall wasn't even flowing. Pretty though, the stairs are a different touch.

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5 months ago

Beautiful area. Difficulty can increase with weather (slippery when wet) or during/after a wet winter or spring, due to trail damage, fallen trees etc. We've lost some bridges to the rain at times, so some loop hikes may turn into extremely short out and backs. :-)

Very beautiful park. Lovely trails and waterfalls!!!

This Trail is an absolute favorite of my daughter and mine. We have been here a few times to play in the water and have an amazing hike. You never know what's going to happen or what you will see, the beauty and wild life is absolutely breathtaking. Always a fun drive out there and a wonderful time hiking.

I try to do this hike once a week, because the waterfalls are gorgeous. Great place for picnics, walking the dog and just getting out in nature.

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