Nice path system to get you around town quickly on bike. Great spot to escape to; it's easy to get to and from. Nice walking path, but heavily trafficked. Few swim spots. You can access the Owen Rose Garden from there. It's a nice option to get away when you don't have much time.

easy path that follows the banks of the river shore. Biking running walking pathway. Dogs on leash... some swimming spots too.

it's a good bike highway between springfield and eugene

We walked a loop that took us over Coburg Road and by Skinner Butte. The "trail" is actually a cement walkway that parallels the Willamette river on both sides. We walked on a very cold and foggy New Years Day but many people were using the trail. I'm sure the views are beautiful when the sun is out.

Great Scenic Ride or Walk, you might get a little lost near the U of O campus as it goes through parking lots. Park at Valley River and do a couple laps while your wife is shopping :)

A very enjoyable path that runs alongside the Willamette River. Great for a weekend bike ride through the heart of Eugene, or a walk on a fall afternoon. There are many views available of the river along the trail, as well as parks. Perfect path to bring along the kids and the camera.