Difficult trail for occasional hikers. Moderate trail for consistent hikers. Mostly well tended pathway hikers and bikers share. Views at the top are worth the bun-burn. I find the first mile in from the trailhead to be wonderfully beautiful due to a diversity of flora and variant topography. Weekdays are blissful days to go to avoid heavy use times.

This was about a perfect a day that you could wish for to accomplish this hike. Beautiful January weather and the sky was clear at the top so the views were amazing. The hike up the North Ridge Trail was a pretty significant climb but so pretty. We added on the hike up to the summit and then hiked back down to the North Ridge parking area. Such fun!


A truly beautiful place, but this trail is more of a walk with a big hill at the end.

No snow until after the parking lot to the summit, maybe a couple inches

Small amount of sleet after the 1 mile mark. Near the top, covered in snow/ice. I recommend snow shoes for the final .5 to the summit.

Perfect, quiet hike. Add another mile or so to summit Mary's Peak. It was a cloudy, damp day and I only ran into 3 other groups on the trail. Lots of old trees, mushrooms, ferns. Smells wonderful. It's a solid uphill hike. I'm in shape and I felt it the next morning.

Great hike but a lot of people which is why it isn't 5 stars. It's pretty steep but only for 2.5 miles so I would say it is moderate.
We would definitely come again.

Beautiful trail. Lots of clovers, ferns and down trees.

Great views from the parking lot before the hike. I wouldn't rate this as a hard hike, it's short and not all that steep. Many other trails to explore in addition to the main summit trail.

Beautiful trail with awesome views!!

Loved it!! Awesome trail and views!!

Short hike. Not hard. Best on a crystal clear day.

A few significant trees down through the trail right now. A little scrambling and you can get around them though.

I will do this one again in daylight sometime instead of midnight so I can see the views it's famous for. I will say it's pretty steep, and slow going in March when the ground has anywhere from 2-12 inches of snow on it. Also very windy so maybe don't go when it is sleeting out unless you're in need of a serious exfoliation. What can I say, Ingress is a strange game

Great hike. The hike, however, was difficult through the snowy area near the top. A steady uphill grade all the way. Would love to do it again in the summer.

Monday, February 13, 2017

Tragically, the bare hillsides have been appropriated as unofficial shooting ranges. The entire trail (not just the hillsides) is littered with detritus from recreational gunfolk, and the noise was inescapable. Obviously no wildlife was present, not even a bird in sight.
This being said, the lookout point might be worth the short walk on a weekday when, hopefully, nobody's shooting.

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Beautiful views! It didn't really feel like a mile. Would love to come back for sunrise/sunset

Friday, August 05, 2016

I started the hike at Connor's camp and I thought the hike was beautiful the whole way. It's not steep and the trail has been maintain really well. I would rate this hike as easy.

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