3 months ago

Today I hiked this loop along with nearly every other trail in Mary S. Young State Recreation Area. This corner of the park gives a warm, nostalgic feeling. It's one of those places I would want to just hang out with a bunch of loved ones, eating good food, watching the kids have a blast. Like I wanted to just pause here and collect my thoughts. Had I brought my journal I probably would have done just that. It's the corner that speaks with the loudest effervescence "Yep, I'm a state park indeed." You almost expect there to be campsites around the corner, but unfortunately there are not. Day use only. A bunch of nicely situated picnic tables and a wonderful, covered gazebo-ish structure (reservations required) complete the set. The nature trail loop is a nice appendage where kids can be constrained to without worrying about them wandering off too far.