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Great hike but relentless, we went up Gorton Creek and down Nick Eaton. Tons of switch backs and the ascent never gives up. We did the whole loop in 5 hours and 15 minutes with a 30 minute rest time.

4/15/19 - encountered little to no snow doing a big loop today going up Nick Eaton, across Deadwood, out to Indian Point and then back down Gorton Creek. Absolutely gorgeous trail, pup loved it too! Definitely a good workout. Lots/most of the trail was effected by the fire, thought it was cool to see the forest bouncing back.

Snow on cutoff trail was knee deep. Went up Nick Eaton and down Gorton.

I was only able to complete about half the trail. after the daunting switchbacks, you find yourself surrounded by snow. we tried to go through, but after a good struggle, we decided to turn around. my knees did not like repeating those switchbacks, downhill!! we'll try again in a month or so. hopefully the snow will be melted.

Went up the hard way (counterclockwise), found some snow towards the end, where there was tree cover, before doing the cutoff. The cutoff itself was still packed full of snow, but as I was doing the hike earlier in the day, it was hard enough to walk on w/o spikes or snowshoes. Going back down Gorton Creek, there was also still snow there at the top for a good mile, this snow did become a bit softer, but was still doable w/o snowshoes. There was a few hikers that passed by going up in early afternoon that would probably need snowshoes as the snow would have probably been too soft at that point since the sun was shining. Some snow as you go down to Indian Point, but just at the start, no snow further down or actually at Indian Point. Rocks are super loose at Indian point or I would have totally climbed up.

This trail requires northwest pass if you plan on parking near the trail, otherwise you can just park your car for free on either side of the road near the entrance, leading to the trail for free. About 3 miles into the trail, it is covered in the snow and it is best if you’d follow the footprints, I recommend coming to this trail no later than by 1 afternoon and besides following the footprints on the snow, use the map that this app provides to make sure that you’re staying on track

1 month ago

very soft snow throughout, so gaiters would have been great. excellent views at the top and at Indian point.

Indian Point is well worth the trip! Beautiful Gorge views.

on Herman Creek Trail

2 months ago

Hiked 3 miles in in January. Passed 3 lovely waterfalls. Tricky water crossing about mile 2.6. The waterfalls may be seasonal, especially the first one.

Busy today on the way back to the car 1/21/19. First car in the lot at 5am, when I left the lot was almost full at 1:50pm. Hiked from the trailhead to the PCT south a bit, then the PCT north for a bit and then back the way I came. No snow on the trails where I hiked, but felt like I was getting close to snow on the PCT south when I decided to turn around. Herman creek trail close to the trailhead till a little after the powerline road was very muddy and slick today.

First one on the trail and in the parking lot at 7:05am on 12/24/18. Hiked 8.9 miles counterclockwise from Herman Creek to Gorton Creek to Nick Eaton trail and back to Herman Creek. ( I had a pre recorded map, very helpful to have.)

I tried this trail a couple of years ago before I got into shape and I could not finish it, it was brutal and I was, barely move sore for days after. I've been hiking practically every weekend this year and I finally was able to finish this trail!!!

I did this trail counterclockwise, starting with Gorton creek was long (when you get close to the top the snow begins and much of the flat trail on Nick Eaton is covered in snow, it was not icy, so no microspikes needed 12/24/18.), with lots of switchbacks and a creek crossing and on the way down on Nick Eaton trail was brutal, my toes were smashed against the tips of my boots with every step, there are steep switchbacks on the tail end for me of this hike. My feet were so sore when I got to the Herman Creek, Pct trail, otherwise I would have gone down to check out the Herman Creek Bridge (next time!). Finished the hike at 1pm and was hiking for around 6hrs. Most of the trail is really steep so be prepared! When I got back to my car there were 4 other cars in the lot. The parking lot holds 10 cars. You must have a NW forrest pass or pay $5 day use fee. There is a pay box here. The campground when I came here is closed. The bathroom is vaulted toilet and was clean when I got there in the am, but on the smelly side when I left in the PM. I saw 6 people on the trail and all were on my descent, so after 11:30am or so. All of this trail above the power line road was affected by the eagle creek fire.

Entire trail is either charred or burnt from the Eagle creek fire... but the trail is still awesome and the veiws are incredible!.. about 1/2" snow at the top as of today

Brace yourselves, because an ass kicking incline is coming (Nick Eaton Trail)!! Personally chose to take the Nick Eaton trail up to be easier on the knees going down Gorton Creek Trail plus what the hay. Definitely can see the scars from the fires but still quite magnificent waltzing in the woods. Gets quite cool in the shade plus the wind coming through the gorge so bring some layers, aqua, and some munchies! There was even some icy patches along the ridge to the point. So be weary and happy trails!

optional scramble gives you a beautiful view. good work out. obviously lots of scars from the burn but still very worth it. booty burner.

Tricky to find the point, but really cool once you get there. The scramble up to the actual point is a little sketchy, but not too difficult. To get to the point you have to go down an unmarked foot path. We almost missed it and continued on to deadwood. Close one!

Beautiful! Camped here the night before and noticed that the sign on the board at the campground listed this hike as now open. Loved getting to walk around the lake and before enjoying the view from the top. Looking out over Eagle Creek and the burn area was interesting, too.

Love the view on this one.

Piles of charred wood. Very sad.

Steep in some sections that gave a nice challenge. Beautiful along the way.

Herman Creek trail is indeed open. Hike it as an out and back only at this time. Do not attempt to make a loop of it using Casey Creek, Nick Eaton or Gorton Creek trails to complete the loop. Those 3 trails are heavily fire damaged at the top in the Green Point Ridge area. Trails are impossible to follow without GPS if at all. You can get up to Green Point Mtn. via Herman Creek and Herman Creek Cutoff trails, but I'm warning you, turn around after the splendid view at the Green Point Mtn. summit and come back the way you came in. Speaking from distressing personal experience.

Not sure why this trail is called Indians point loop. Trailhead is at Herman Creek campground. Follow herman creek trail 406. When you come to the loop, id suggest veering left onto the gorton creek trail #408. Even though it is the longer part of the loop, its is better shaded and not as steep as the Nick Eaton Trail #447, which you would take on the way down. I took the Nick Eaton trail on the way up and it was not as well covered and more steep. If you decided to take the Nick Eaton trail first, the fist three miles are pretty much inclined switch backs with little tree coverage from the fire :(. Once you get to three miles, the hike becomes much easier. Definitely suggest bringing hiking poles with you

9 months ago

The trail is open with lots of burned trees. Sad to see. There are also some nice green areas and a beautiful waterfall. Nice to see the forest understory coming back after the fire.

Amazing hike and view at the end of it all, very worth the effort! First time really ever hiking seriously but was able to complete the whole trip in 5 hours with another friend. Both relatively fit, so definitely recommend if one is not very active to start a bit easier.

I only went 3.5 miles in. The first mile is the hardest with alot of steep switchbacks. 1st waterfall of the 3 I saw was the best. Great workout and I saw only 2 hikers. There is a lot of burn damage from the most recent fires but trail is open and being maintained.

I haven’t hiked it yet but the hiking Facebook group I follow posted pics of their recent hike to it and said it was open.

It’s closed because of the Eagle Creek Fire.

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