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Beautiful easy walk on a trail that is wide and well marked.

on Slide Lake Trail

2 months ago

My first attempt this late in year, morning I awoke to snow flurries, a bit of a breeze. Turned around when I was 1 mile from Slide Lake because the snow drifts got bad on trail (for my 5 month pup and 2 yr old dog) they were sliding off drifts! Could have been easily done without them. I’ve been to Slide Lake in August 2016 for the Eclipse, well worth a visit to Slide and Upper Slide. Fishing was great too.

2 months ago

Weather was perfect; not a cloud in the sky, sunny, no wind. Hiked from trailhead to Strawberry Lake and set up camp then walked to Little Strawberry Lake. Half way up ran into slushy snow on trail. Lake was totally frozen. The evening was chilly, very windy. Morning was a bit windy but with a camp fire and coffee I had no reason to complain. I’ll be back next year!

Gorgeous hike! Road is very wash board on the way in and lots of pot holes - definitely need a high clearance vehicle. Beautiful lakes, lovely climb, all around amazing!

We had so much fun exploring Strawberry Lake! This will definitely be a spot we stop at each year. I will say though, the bugs are pretty bad. Mostly the wasps and hornets. My husband accidentally disturbed a nest at the lake and got us stung including the dogs. The campground also seems to be heavily populated with them as well, so just a warning to watch out for them if you have little ones or are allergic. If you're camping, it's about $8 a night and there's about 10 sites to camp at. My husband and I arrived around 7:00 p.m. we would've gone earlier, but due to his work schedule it wasn't possible. We got lucky and got the very last spot, these sites are non reservable, so I suggest getting there as early as possible if you want a chance at getting a good spot. We will most likely be backpacking up to the lake from now on as there are plenty of spots to camp at up there with less people, it's about a 1.4 mile hike to the lake and the incline is not too steep.

Keep an eye out for the mountain goats on the mountains across from you when you reach little strawberry lake. It’s a great hike.

5 months ago

Amazing vistas along the second mile. Several treacherous washouts to traverse. Loads of wild flowers. Bring bug spray. Goats on the cliff face were fun to watch.

Great hike into Strawberry Lake. Perfect weather and temperature if you go early. Beyond was the waterfall which was not only flowing well and scenic but provided a very nice cooling mist. Then the upper, Little Strawberry Lake was a great place for lunch. Bring binoculars as the sheep are sometimes on the cliffs overhead.

this trail to the summit of strawberry mountain was incredible. i started at 7am and reached the summit by 11am however i did stop to take lots of pictures, rest, and i did get lost a few times. an experienced hiker could reach the summit in about 3 and a half hours. I hiked this in late july and there was still a lot of ice and snow on the trail, at one point about a mile away from the summit i had to climb the cliff because the trail was still snowed out and i didn’t want to risk sliding down to injury or possibly death. the thousands of butterflies were am added bonus. the decent was much quicker, about 3 hours.

6 months ago

Great experience with the family and dogs. Ran into snow at high lake, but a lovely, and at times rigorous trail.

Moderate hike if you go all the way to Little Strawberry Lake, easy if you just go to big strawberry. Wet in some places but the trail is very well maintained. There are good crossings across all the big streams. Beautiful views of both lakes and Strawberry Falls.

Really nice easy trail. There was no one on the trail when I was there. But some trail maintenance is needed. There was points I wasn’t sure what was the trail or not. With that said it definitely was a beautiful and a great hike with the dog.

Fun little trail to get the legs warm. Left around 0800 and got back at 1300. Little strawberry lake is accessible but there is a bunch of snow occluding the trail. Overall weather was nice and cool with no real issues

The trail is snowed in between Strawberry Lake and the falls. We hiked on the snow pack to the falls but turned around there. Will definitely try again later this summer.

7 months ago

Make sure to follow the sign on the road to the trailhead instead of using Google Maps. That took us up the old forest road which was sketchy AF. I drive a Rav4 and at one point had to pass between a pole and a tree and barely fit through it. There are no spots to turn around on the old road so we had to take it to the top. We camped at the trailhead, and did a day hike. We missed the trail to McClellan and ended up hiking to Field's Peak which was snowed in at the top. We did find the McClellan trail which is to the right off the initial trail. It was snowed in maybe a mile or two from this junction. We climbed up the peaks to see if we could pass over the snow but we couldn't so had to turn back. I would recommend waiting until later in July/August. It did get down to the low 20s and snowed the night we camped at the trailhead. There is also no water source that was saw (minus the snow). The initial part of the hike is through trees then it switches to mostly exposed with some tree cover.

I happened upon this trail by chance. I knew it was there but I wasn't looking for it. However, the directions to the trailhead aren't that great. From highway 395 turn onto forest road 31. Continue for 13 miles and you'll see a road sign shortly past mile marker 13. Take a left on the gravel road that drops down 100 yards or so towards Myrtle Creek and you'll be at the trailhead. We made it to the bridge that crosses the creek (about 1.5 miles in) then turned around because the trail was quite marshy on the other side but the trail was in great shape. No rocks in the way and all downed trees up to that point had been cleared. Many thanks to the person(s) responsible for giving us the opportunity to hike such a beautiful area. Will definitely come back once the ground dries out a bit.

Could t find this trail. The map took me to a road which had recently been used for logging. Drive around for an hour trying to find it. Finally gave up.

Great 4 day weekend at Strawberry Lake. Camped at Strawberry and took day hikes to Little Strawberry, Slide and Little Slide Lakes. Caught fish in all 4 lakes but did the best in Strawberry. Some of the fish were 15" there. Bug spray needed for Slide lake others were fine. Saw mountain goats and kids at Little Strawberry Lake. Did See lots of people at Strawberry and headed for Slide Lake. Great trip....wouldn't recommend anyone go there...lol

Beautiful hike. About 4 miles if you walk around the lake. Climbing up to the lake, fairly level around the lake, then downhill all the way back. Somewhat busy on the trail.

Wed Sep 27 2017

Great way to end an evening of driving. It was a very nice, quiet hike around the lake.

Thu Sep 14 2017

Beautiful short hike on a gravel/asphalt wide level trail. Lots of opportunities for kiddos & dogs to climb on dead trees, and walk across a foot bridge. No bugs, got to watch a few fisherman reel in trout. Absolute gorgeous day & highly recommend this hike for families with small children- you can even push a sturdy stroller along the well- maintained path.

One of the most beautiful trails in the area. A nice easy hike on a well developed trail.

I grew up near this lake. It is a beautiful place to hike or swim.

Great area to go backpacking. You can connect several of the trails to make a multi-day trip, just make sure you have a map to know which trails to choose. Anyway, giving a little trail update here. Snow is all gone at Strawberry Lake. Snow is still present on the trail up to Little Strawberry Lake, a lot of snow! The trail completely disappears after the waterfall. I used a map and just followed in the general direction of where Little Strawberry Lake was and I eventually made it there. Little Strawberry Lake was still mostly (90%) frozen over. There was a clear patch of ground big enough for a couple of 1 man tents by the lake, but other than that the whole area is still covered in deep snow. Very beautiful though, and if you're an experienced hiker who knows how to use a map you'll make it there no problem. We hiked back down after having a snack at Little Strawberry and camped at the main lake (Strawberry Lake). Lots of trout activity at Strawberry Lake, though I didn't have any luck with my tenkara rod.

This trail run is a bit tricky because you get to the lake and feel that you may have done it but there is still a significant amount of elevation to go. In addition, you can go on either side of the Strawberry Lake (straight left is shorter). It can be hard to find the ascending trail that goes to Little Strawberry Lake but remember up and left always. Lots of people and dogs even in November. Trees were dead and downed, many across the trail; not the most attractive run. Saw a few deer. The run took about 2 hours including getting slightly off track and stopping for photos.

I really loved backpacking the Strawberry Wilderness. We spent the weekend making our way to the summit, stopping for a night at Strawberry lake and a couple nights at Little Strawberry. There was an insane amount of wildlife while we were there! Our favorite were the mountain goats you could see from Little Strawberry. I strongly suggest waiting until late summer as the mosquitoes are bad bad until mid August. Take on the summit if you feel up for it!

my memory was wrong. it's another mile and a half to the falls. I went back to hike to the lake alone. it was so serene and tranquil.

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