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This trail run is a bit tricky because you get to the lake and feel that you may have done it but there is still a significant amount of elevation to go. In addition, you can go on either side of the Strawberry Lake (straight left is shorter). It can be hard to find the ascending trail that goes to Little Strawberry Lake but remember up and left always. Lots of people and dogs even in November. Trees were dead and downed, many across the trail; not the most attractive run. Saw a few deer. The run took about 2 hours including getting slightly off track and stopping for photos.

I really loved backpacking the Strawberry Wilderness. We spent the weekend making our way to the summit, stopping for a night at Strawberry lake and a couple nights at Little Strawberry. There was an insane amount of wildlife while we were there! Our favorite were the mountain goats you could see from Little Strawberry. I strongly suggest waiting until late summer as the mosquitoes are bad bad until mid August. Take on the summit if you feel up for it!

my memory was wrong. it's another mile and a half to the falls. I went back to hike to the lake alone. it was so serene and tranquil.

I love the strawberry wilderness! the hike is nice. moderate. my husband and I hiked to the lake. then it's a little further (half mile or so, if my memory is correct) to get to the falls, which are a beautiful sight.

this trail is easy. good for families and small kids. at the right time of year you will see wild strawberries, wild sunflower, and the occasional beaver. my three small children and I walk this trail as much as we can.

Amazing Lake! Jaw dropping beauty. I've hiked to Strawberry Lake and Little Strawberry five different times and it's always perfect. I've hiked it as early as May and as late as on Halloween. Strawberry Lake is simply one of those places you'll never forget.

Great canyon view

Nice trail, but needs some maintenance, a few down trees and areas where rocks have slid onto the trail.

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1 year ago

It was so beautiful and a very easy hike around the lake.

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1 year ago

My family loved this easy hike around Magone lake. We got to watch two beavers. They have fallen trees all around the lake. It's really beautiful. You can see large trees that are halfway chewed through by beavers. The drive up was fun. Open range cattle are abundant along the road, sometimes in the road. Very fun trip.

Most of elevation gain is in the first two miles. Lots of animal sign any great views.