Hidden Falls is a gem and this trail is a good winter hike when the snow is above 2500 feet..

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16 days ago

Sweet MTB Trail

Easy trail to follow. There is a lot of clear cut, but did enjoy this trail.

Great hike, wouldn't suggest wearing vibrume 5 finger show's like I did. however, the best of what the northwest has to offer.

I haven't done this trail for a couple years. I memorized the trail by sections of forest to clear cuts. They're was more forest than clear cuts. Section 2(the biggest patch of forest) was devastatingly cut down by like 80% it seems, and it seems to be continuing(according to the sign posted). I went out to go back to the trail that i've done more than 5 times and it was just so freaking sad to see the forest floor exposed, ripped up, and all plants dead from the sun. Insane amount of logging happening and I honestly don't know how people are enjoying walking thru this anymore now and giving it these 5 stars...its so tragic being in what it was to now:(

Amazing! Well kept trail, some beautiful views and the waterfall is one of the nicest I've seen yet. You must have a discovery pass to park! There's a number you can call that's posted in the parking lot for day/year pass.

Great hike, even better falls! Worth checking this one out for intermediate hikers.

Unfortunately I didn't have time to complete this hike, but I suspect I'll be back for it. The trail is dirt and pine needles and very low risk (which is a nice change of pace from the gorge on occasion). I even got in some running. Since I didn't get to the falls I can't say if they are magnificent or not, but the rest of the hike through the forest was very nice and peaceful.

As others mentioned, this does go in and out of some clear cut areas for the first couple miles, but it was still kind of interesting and didn't stretch on for so long at any point that I got tired of it.

We went with the dogs on 7/9. It was a beautiful hike with some pretty great views along the way. The trail had good signage that was easy to read but parts of the trail are starting to become over grown. Bring some bug spray!!

Good lightly used trail and probably one of the best marked I've come across.

11.2 miles round trip and the terrain is fairly consistent throughout. Was nice not having something all uphill or all downhill.

Did run across a brown bear as it ran across the logging road on the drive and a rabbit that had been freshly killed several miles down the trail.

Great hike! The first couple miles are through clear cuts, but after that, its lush green landscape. Well maintained, only saw 8 other people the whole hike. I did this one solo. Since it is in the middle of the woods, there are people shooting in the hills.

Lots of sweeping views of the hills, and a few glimpses of St Helens. The first few miles are heavily logged but the waterfall is worth the trek. Not crowded at all we had the whole trail to ourselves.

I really liked the ending to this trail. However we went on a Sunday and people were shooting. At one point we had to run because we didn't want to be shot  However the waterfall was VERY worth it.

Next to correctional facility. Waterfall is very pretty.

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