Totally worth it! Only a couple people besides us 4, views galore. Some snow still out there on the trails but not enough to deter us from that waterfall. Go outside and play!

The trail was in good shape, seemed like it was well used. The hike takes you through varied terrain, from clear cuts, old growth forest and finally at the end a beautiful falls. There are great views as well. The trail is well marked and easy to follow.

Allie B. it's about 6 miles to waterfall. From tarbell trailhead to hidden falls. about 13 total out and back.

long nice moderate hike. Alot of logging to look at, little disappointed but it got better. the waterfall was wonderful to see and great lunch spot.

7 months ago

Tony dangerfield is that you, from Camas who works in the school district??? Hahaha I'm hoping to possibly hike here this weekend but I'm curious how many miles it is to the actual waterfall. If anyone could let me know, thank you'

Addie I really think you went to the wrong trail head. Larch is a loop with several entrance points I was up there Sat/Sun and last Tues and I didn't see what you're describing. The trail head is closest to Dole Mtn Road.

mountain biking
7 months ago

First two miles a fair amount of climbing but then it's all fun rollers to Hidden Falls. Roots and rocks but nothing larger than 12"

Hiked this yesterday, just my little dog and I.

GPS had the trailhead all kinds of wrong. If you go up past Larch Mountain Prison, hit that gravel road and then the trailhead is the parking lot about 6 miles up. Small sign not readable from road marks trail.

Trail is AMAZING. It starts you through the fields of the cut tress that are beginning to get new growth, then drops you next to the creek where you slowly start to climb.

Here where I hit a bit of a "problem." There is a part of the trail that is closed with huge Detour signs. It sends you straight up climbing away from the creek. I suspect that closed trail would have taken me to the falls. So, I never saw any falls... Or maybe I didn't walk far enough up the detour...

I followed the detour up and up and up through amazing forests, more meadows of the cut trees, and amazing vistas. The "up" didn't feel too difficult although I am in fairly good shape. I only saw a total of 5 mountain bikers my entire journey. I wonder if they rode their bikes up that?!

I hiked about 5.5 miles up past a beautiful scenic area with a picnic table that I wondered how in the world they got there. I turned around as it was getting late in the afternoon and the area I was in had no sign of any kind of water nearby.

I will have to return there and see where the closed trail takes me! Hopefully to the beautiful hidden falls!

8 months ago

my kiddo(age 9) couldn't make it all the way so i can't wait to try again maybe without kids lol

We took our kids (ages 9&11) on this one to help get them conditioned for the peak hiking season.
The first mile is a mild uphill climb. The rest of the hike is a very gradual uphill hike until about one mile before the falls. At this point you'll hit several downhill switchbacks which are easy enough to traverse.
The falls are beautiful and my kids really enjoyed them. The hike back up the switchbacks led to a bit of complaining and a tick bite on my son, but other than that a pretty easy hike.
It took us about five hours from the time we stepped on the trail until we got back to the truck, that included about 40 minutes at the falls for lunch. Only ran into a handful of other folks, but this was on a rainy Saturday in April.

This hike is where the goddess of nature would live. It's so GREEN. You can hear every bird chirping and every rustle of leaves. It is one of the most heavenly places I have ever been to.

I love this hike and its not traveled by many folks. You feel and hear everything while out. Plan for an all day hike if planing to do this one.

trail running
11 months ago

Beautiful views along the trail.

mountain biking
11 months ago

Great trail! Second time biking it and have no complaints, just be ready for some uphill the first two miles or so. Overall, had a great time!

Amazing hike. Very small section of clear cutting but other then that it was beautiful. Great paths, very well maintained. The waterfall was breathtaking. Well worth the hike. It is well worth the drive up to it.