Good lightly used trail and probably one of the best marked I've come across.

11.2 miles round trip and the terrain is fairly consistent throughout. Was nice not having something all uphill or all downhill.

Did run across a brown bear as it ran across the logging road on the drive and a rabbit that had been freshly killed several miles down the trail.

Great hike! The first couple miles are through clear cuts, but after that, its lush green landscape. Well maintained, only saw 8 other people the whole hike. I did this one solo. Since it is in the middle of the woods, there are people shooting in the hills.

Lots of sweeping views of the hills, and a few glimpses of St Helens. The first few miles are heavily logged but the waterfall is worth the trek. Not crowded at all we had the whole trail to ourselves.

I really liked the ending to this trail. However we went on a Sunday and people were shooting. At one point we had to run because we didn't want to be shot  However the waterfall was VERY worth it.

Next to correctional facility. Waterfall is very pretty.

The walk itself was easy with elevation highs and lows throughout. Gorgeous waterfall at the end defiantly!!! The only reason for three stars is all the logged land around the trail. About 50% of the hike has logged visuals.

A little soggy in the first couple of miles and goes through a clear cut, but the rest of the hike was very enjoyable.

Totally worth it! Only a couple people besides us 4, views galore. Some snow still out there on the trails but not enough to deter us from that waterfall. Go outside and play!

The trail was in good shape, seemed like it was well used. The hike takes you through varied terrain, from clear cuts, old growth forest and finally at the end a beautiful falls. There are great views as well. The trail is well marked and easy to follow.

Allie B. it's about 6 miles to waterfall. From tarbell trailhead to hidden falls. about 13 total out and back.

long nice moderate hike. Alot of logging to look at, little disappointed but it got better. the waterfall was wonderful to see and great lunch spot.

10 months ago

Tony dangerfield is that you, from Camas who works in the school district??? Hahaha I'm hoping to possibly hike here this weekend but I'm curious how many miles it is to the actual waterfall. If anyone could let me know, thank you'

Addie I really think you went to the wrong trail head. Larch is a loop with several entrance points I was up there Sat/Sun and last Tues and I didn't see what you're describing. The trail head is closest to Dole Mtn Road.

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10 months ago

First two miles a fair amount of climbing but then it's all fun rollers to Hidden Falls. Roots and rocks but nothing larger than 12"