Photos of Kelly Butte Natural Area Trails

2 months ago

Parking for 5-6 vehicles (as long as people aren’t selfish) at the end of 103rd Ave. Walk up 103rd, it’s a closed road, to the trailheads. 2 homeless camp sites, 1 active and 1 just the discarded filth.

2 vehicles there when I arrived. Saw one person on the trails at very beginning. The other vehicle the people were sitting there when I arrived and still sitting in there when I left.

The hike itself was good. Very chill. It smelled like the forest and felt like it in spots. Constant city sounds (205, sirens, construction). But I like that there are a lot of trails, it’s fairly desolate and it’s in the city.

Cons: the neighborhood you drive through isn’t fantastic, randoms just chilling in their cars for no reason and the reminder that you are in the city and yes homelessness still exists. (Sorry if that sounds judgmental, I hike to recenter and disconnect from my every day)