13 days ago

Completed 4.4 mi in 2.5 hrs with a 15 and 11 yr old, including the through time trail section. 760 feet of elevation in first half of hike up to overlook, dry and open so start early and take plenty of H2O. A few trees to rest under along the way. This trail is a real find, views are fantastic and the hike is eye opening - 50+ million years of Earth history layered in front of you. We had the overlook trail to ourselves except for 2 workers surveying. Only downside is last third of trail some of the view is the road and parking lot. But totally worth it. Stop at the visitors center and chip in a donation and learn about what you just saw. Its a very nice visitors center and educational. Informative workers. Some of the reviews here refer to just the shorter through time trail at the same location, its flat and does have a number of metal bridges but terminates in a BLUE box canyon! You can take this trail leg near the end of the overlook hike to see it all.