loved this trail. see the top and bottom of a beautiful waterfall. excellent Cliff perch sections on upper trail

Amazing views. It’s takes some climbing! Very challenging, you’ll get dirty

It's closed! But I have gone before and it's one of my favorites! The lady guarding the road said it looks like it's going to take 2 years for some of the trails.

Deeply saddened that this trail is destroyed from the fire. My friend and I hiked it the last week of August, a week before the Eagle Creek Fire. It was hard and took a ton of mental stamina, but definitely one hell of a special trail. I'll miss it!

Is this trail still open? I’m guessing after the fire there’s no more trees to grab on to

This is my all time favorite hike! Gets you in shape fast!
I have been back since the Eagle Creek Fire and unfortunately it has been destroyed...

I am hoping over the next few years to try this one again

Kinda hard but worth it

One of the hardest, but the best trail I've done so far.
It was hard to find, glad there were people there to direct me.

Very Beautiful trail, (at least it was before the fire) :( Managed to do the hike to Elowah Falls in Crutches so that was a challenge to me, probably not a big challenge to someone with two good feet

Love love love.

Hardest hike I've ever done but definitely worth it! Prepare to get dirty and do lots of climbing.

Beautiful waterfall !! Took the grand children ( 5 7 and 10) there, and it was a very easy hike for them. Have gone there about 6 times and it is a great hike on a summer or winter day.

An awesome challenge (first to find the hike, then to make it up and back). The views on a clear day are as good as it gets. Couldn't have done it without All Trails!

I've hiked in many states and countries, and this is one of my all-time favorite hikes!! Challenging due to how steep it gets once you veer off to the left to head up, and it can be a bit of a scramble at times. Completely worth the hard work though! Just give yourself the same amount of time to get down due to the steepness, and if you're scared of heights, this isn't the hike for you. Leave the kids and dogs at home for this one and get out and enjoy it for yourself!! You'll be back!

There was definitely some sketchy parts, but this was worth every step.

nice short walk. not to much of a climb. however there is tons of children, dogs, and people in general. Also you can hear the interstate the whole walk which was a downer.

Definitely not for the faint of heart.
Fun climb up-getting down was the tricky part.
Good traction shoes are helpful :)

We only did the first fall. It was a short and fairly easy hike in a wonderful forest with a great waterfall at the end. Very enjoyable on a hot summer day

All parts of this trail are now open. The hike to Elowah falls he's definitely worth it and there is a swimming hole for the brave

Great easy hike with some wonderful views. Totally worth it and not long at all.

Pretty views at the top, but fairly strenuous. I am not an experience hiker by any means, and it was doable, but I thought about turning back several times. You have to scramble on your hands and knees and climb up rocks. Definitely a hike you should plan to take your time on. I started the hike at around 5 and ended up hiking the last bit in the dark. Very rewarding, but be careful and be aware it is a challenge.

Amazing views BUT this is not a hike for everyone. Extremely challenging and would not recommend for anyone who is not prepared or experienced. Some parts are super sketchy in that you are on all fours scrambling up loose rock, dirt, and gravel and then literally sliding down on your butt using tree roots to assist. At one point while I was sliding down, the hiker behind and above me hit a patch of loose rocks that came tumbling down hitting a few of us below. There are points that you will be rock climbing, so be cautious of how and what you pack. When you get to the top you definitely see incredible views, but to be honest I've seen comparable views on much less strenuous hikes in the gorge. This is a physical and mental challenge so if you're looking for that in your hiking experience this will be the hike for you.

More fun if you run down...

Not a bad hike. Quick. Getting down there are some muddy spots so be careful! You can definitely feel the mist from the falls very easily!!

Steep grades. Beautiful hike and the falls are so worth it.

Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Started this hike at the Elowah Falls trailhead and made our way to the Munra Point trail. Great hike with a healthy dose of scrambling and uphill.

Monday, July 31, 2017

One of the best hikes in the gorge. It is more scrambling than a hike. More than half of the path is scrambling. It is challenging, but the view on top is worth all the effort. Lot of elevation gat in the last mile and a half. Lot of scrambling. Coming down was more challenging. Was on all fours. Not for the faint hearted. As somebody pointed out, when in doubt keep to the right while climbing up.

Monday, July 31, 2017

super amazing hike! but lots of scrambling on the way down. which means go slow. This is not a trail to think oh im just gonna go up and back as fast as possible. Stop and smell the roses. and be safe!

Sunday, July 30, 2017

really challenging and includes a considerable amount of climbing.

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