This was a great hike, and definitely a challenging one! There's one area of the trail that is not maintained well, and you are climbing up sand/rocks (loose). Personally, I loved the hike & thought it was worth the views. I did see a 4 & 5yr old at the top! (Would not recommend for kids)

Fun little challenge to kick off summer. The last mile is pretty steep - roughly 2,200' of elevation gain. It is a combination of scrambling and hiking, which I love. I do a lot of hiking, so I didn't think this was as treacherous as a lot of people were saying. It is definitely a challenge if you haven't done a lot of elevation gain in a short distance. My only complaint is that it is so close to the highway. You can hear traffic for the majority of the hike. If you want to checkout a full trail review and hike guide, you can check out

I'm a pretty avid hiker and this is by far one of the hardest hikes I've done. Bring lots of water and food for the top. It's beautiful when you get to the top but this trail is not for kids or dogs. It could be better maintained also. I'm glad I did it but it's not one I'd take friends that just want to go on a nice hike in the gorge. There are other better hikes with just as nice views. We did see 2 eagles though.

Definitely a difficult hike. Didn't even make it to the very top before I couldn't go any further. Awesome hike nonetheless, with spectacular views. Will definitely come back to try again once I am in better shape. lol

Kicked my butt, I thought I was going to die going down the very top rocky part.

Trail still says closed and is still closed. The new path has been cut but is obviously still being worked on and reinforced as there are many loose rocks on the outer side of the trail. If you do choose to go over the fence please be as careful as possible not to disturb the work in progress and keep to the uphill side of the trail.

23 days ago

loved it! definitely kicked my butt, but made it to the top!

I'm terrified of heights. This hike didn't make it any better, hah. Gotta admit though this definitely has some of the best views in most of the hikes I've been on here. It really has some ho-lee-shittake-mushroom places where you basically have to climb or walk across sketchy areas. Just take your time and it's a nice climb up though will probably kick your ass. I did not attempt the far right trail which continues past the large rock face kind of thing but I did see some groups go beyond it.