Easy, good hike with dog friends.

A beautiful serenity in the city outskirts... maintained just enough but not too much.

There are no defined trail markers to let you know you are on the right trail. There are no views and the trail is loud due to construction. No wildflowers, dead and dusty foliage is all you will find. NOT kid friendly as I couldn't bring a stroller due to the loose gravel. The trail is also straight downhill. Not feasible for my 2 toddlers. Very disappointing.

7 months ago

8 months ago

This is a perfect trail for a lunch nature walk, or a short day 1-hour hike. Total trail takes one hour generally, when taken at a reasonable pace.

Take the trailhead toward Camp Rivendale (which is part of this trail but closed to the public when a camp is in session) for more varying terrain, or the opposite for more open straight path trails.

Clean trail. Very dog friendly, and poop bags available. Be sure to bring plenty of water for yourself and your four legged friends.

This trail has multiple entrances by foot, one main entrance with a big parking lot. I will definitely come back!