Found this place on my way to work and I absolutely enjoyed it. It is very short and very easy, but it offers a peaceful setting as well as wildlife.

Not that impressive and probably the worst boardwalk trail that I have ever seen. This place looked like a gutted out rain forest, if I have ever seen one and that's telling you something, because I never have seen one before.

The boards on this trail don't look that well maintained and I would probably advised folks to get a tetanus shot after you walk this trail; just saying!!!

was a nice easy trail to take all the grandkids on, will do it again

Fun for the kids. Bird watching was fun.

2 years ago

This is a great hike to do with little kids! It's not very long and even the most adventurous kids will stay on the boardwalk. A great way to introduce children to hiking in nature. This was one of my kids' favorites when they were young, and now that they're older teens, they still love hiking.

I live near by and have walked this at least ten times. All times of the year and all times of the day, even at night! The scenery is always different and it provides a great relaxing walk to get out and do something on any given day. Take my kids all the time. They love it. 5 stars for what it is.

very nice walk..not difficult ...relaxing but short...