Beautiful hike! Take trail 2 back to the starting spot and walk through the valley. It’s wonderful!

What a great way to start a Monday morning. Trail was very well kept and excellent views up and back. We stayed on Trail # 1.

Lots of Poison Oak on the paths less traveled, be aware of your surroundings. Also had some people let us know that the last hike they went on here they found ticks on themselves. We made it out okay, beautiful day!! I highly suggest going off the beaten path and exploring, very much worth it as the main trail is always busy with people.

26 days ago

Love the whole arboretum. Saw a screech owl napping in a tree on my last hike.

28 days ago

Great views and terrific scenery on just about every trail. Check out the Three Sisters mountains to the East once you reach the summit!

29 days ago

Trail #1 is moderate with incline to the summit. A few benches are scattered throughout the trail to help with rest if needed. Trail #3 will meetup with trail #1 about midway. Once you reach the top walk around the summit and enjoy the views.

The summit was pretty brutal, very steep and Rocky. Rocks weren't bothersome until heading down where it was slick ..had a couple scraped knees with the kids ages 5 and 6. summit was beautiful! a very nice, very local hike to take .

Great hike! Took the 2nd right on the way down (trail #4) and got to see a really beautiful forest! Total distance was increased to 3.9 miles.

beautiful way to explore the outdoors. Don't care for the main trail but the lower ones are great

I love hiking this trail, lots of foot traffic and some horses. Its beautiful!. You get your work out. Few minutes out of town.

2 months ago

Great conditioning hike if you move fast. Decent incline whole way up. Okay views at the summit, however only of the east side. Would go again mainly because its 10 minutes from town, and easy to get too.

Pisgah is less busy than Spencer's butte and a nice change in scenery. This route is also less crowed as the more popular trails(1 and 17). It gives chance to exchange pleasantry, but doesn't overwhelm the trail with crowds of people. This path also cuts out the steep gravel section of trail # 1, but in exchange it offers an almost steeper and slightly muddier(in winter) section on 4, just before it meets back with 1. I am 270 lbs. and with my trekking poles, had no problem tackling this route up Pisgah. It ends with the same sweet payoff, a beautiful view of the three sisters and other cascades mountains on a clear day, as well as the Willamette valley below.

2 months ago

One of my first hikes after arriving to Oregon from out of state. I liked that it was a short drive from Eugene and easy to get to, perfect for an afternoon hike. You pay a $4 parking fee at this little machine by the parking lot, but it only takes credit/debit, no cash payment option... unless there's someplace to pay in person that I didn't know about! In any case, it was a really pretty arboretum with lots of well marked trails for you to meander along the river, through the trees, or up the mountain. I went on a Sunday afternoon and there was a fair amount of traffic on the trails, but there were also stretches of solo hike time. Nothing wrong with passing some friendly faces and friendly puppers along the way! I thought I was in decent shape but the incline up Mt. Pisgah really took it out of me! I had to stop a few times to catch my breath. Nice view from the top, and lots of space to sit or read or ponder if you're prone to doing that on mountaintops. Oh, and at the base there were clean restrooms and a fountain for filling your water bottle, which was a welcome sight for me. I imagine you could make a full day of hiking here, or just go for a shorter jaunt like I did. I logged the trip on Strava, which says I was moving for about 1.25 hours for a 4 mile loop meandering around and on the mountain, though there was lots of rest time (for catching breath and pondering on the mountain top).

Nice trail, wide, gravelled, but quite steep. Great view from the top!

This was a good hike. It was a little steep, but the trail was wide and well maintained. It wasn't overly crowded for an early Spring day - with some light Oregon drizzle - and people had dogs, on leash. We loved the view from the top, and the shady deciduous trees were nice. But 1000 ft elevation gain in about two miles is a bit steep.

3 months ago

Beautiful terrain various from dry to lush. I would say this is light moderate.

Trails are nice and well marked, that’s always a plus, lol. Loved the hike :)

3 months ago

Very well maintained, even in the winter (with the obvious exception of some mud!). Quite a bit of open space, but also lots of trees for hiking on rainy days ♥️

Great hike with lots of options!

Beautiful views! I’d consider it a moderate hike.

4 months ago

less crowded then spencers butte, but about the same difficulty, be aware you have to pay to park. also try the trail up from the back side if you like a few people

I give it 5 stars because this is a mostly leash free trail, and my dog loves an off leash hike. Beautiful at the summit and the whole way up. I can't wait to see it in the spring!

Mt. Pisgah offers a variety of trails for all fitness levels. The views from the summit are stunning. Equally beautiful are the trails just beyond the event center which are not as physically challenging and where many trees are identified. Plus, this park has nice restrooms.

6 months ago

Good uphill hiking, easy to follow trail. During colder months watch for ice near summit but I haven't seen enough ice to make me turn around! I take some of my elderly clients here for some good nature time, making it to the top is so worth it.

awesome workout with a spectacular view!

7 months ago

My friends and I didn’t reach the top, but the trail we went up was a lot of fun while still being a moderate hike!

Easy to moderate . Good for families really enjoyable

8 months ago

Nice trail system close to town. Vistas, forest, oak savannah, a variety of views.

9 months ago

Fairly easy hike, the reasons to go are that it's conveniently located to Eugene and can be used to train for more difficult feats.

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