Beautiful trail

Beautiful environment I've ran/walked this trail more times then I can remember its very relaxing a nice trail to get away and just breath. Fun to watch the squirrels play about in the trees. I love to see people out taking care of their health body and mind. Love this trail it makes me smile. Keep up that walking it's so very important for overall balance of health. Don't forget to stay/ keep hydrated plenty of water to wash away unneeded toxins and support overall digestive health.

Great trail, loved the wood chips on the ground so easy on knees. It had honeybuckets, water fountain and benches.

8 months ago

Love this trail for so many reasons.

Very nice trail. Very well kept.

It was sees funn

Great for a quick workout.

Too much bark on the trail. Nice path otherwise.

Nice 2 Mile loop, great for training for races.

Nice trail to walk in town. Some days this place is very popular. watch out for rogue golf balls.