Not much actual path to follow and some transient company. No clear markings and difficult to tell where the path is. Great for someone who wants to go on adventure and doesn’t care if there’s an actual path. Also has access to the river or at least a creek water.

Damn, what a bushwhack through! We literally cleared a new trail from the main one. The main trail leads to a small pooled area, not the greatest to hang out at. We did find a spot closer to the rivers mouth, but it wasn't a hike we'd subject someone to.

4 months ago

This spot has huge potential. It is a lane county fee driven trail, but hasn't had much love as I can tell. It felt very bum campy and I ran across several encampments and belongings strewn through the underbrush. If a little more time and money was put into it and normal maintenance was done, this could be a nice quiet spot on the river.

I liked the idea of this trail for my old dog. 1,4 mile loop is a bit short. Had to backtrack several times due to deep water. The trails are overgrown. Try again next summer.

11 months ago

It wasn't one of our favorites, but it's super nice and short. Also super close to town. We've lived in Eugene almost our whole lives and didn't know it existed. It's super short but it's fun to follow the river a little. Great for kids and strollers

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Apparently right now, in May, 2017, you can't do any hike there because of floating (

Friday, April 21, 2017

I am giving HIleman Landing County Park 3 stars mostly because of convenience. Located just at the North-North-West boundary of the city, off Beacon Drive (1 mile from river road).
All said, the longest loop is under 1.5 miles and you can make that about .75 mile if you just go out-and-back to the landing.
As Hileman is one of the Lane Country Parks, the small parking area at the gate is a "Fee Area"...but there is parking on the shoulder just before that if you don't have a sticker and don't want to take a risk.
The "loop I took is basically a triangle; the first leg is a .4 mile overgrown paved then dirt road leading to the :landing'... no much more than a small muddy beach now.
From there a narrow trail follows the West bank of the river (in fact just a small channel off the Willamette) and provides a few more access points to the water.
At the northern end of the park, the small trail merges with a slightly larger/better maintained one that returns back to the park entrance when veering back South. The trail appears to also continue North along the river; I may try it on another day.
The whole park is basically flat but the "middle trail" requires a bit more attention when you put your feet forward...
A nice place for a stroll in nature at the end of a busy city day.

1 month ago

1 month ago