1 month ago

We walked up Walter's road and hiked to the old abandoned bus. As a sick joke someone wrapped up some old boots, plastic jugs and bubble wrap in a sheet to look like a dead body and placed it inside the bus. Good workout walking up Walters Rd and even better up the hill to the water tower and bus.

Lindsay -- you were on the wrong trail . Quite scenic, can make the heart beat faster going up to the water tower and bus.

it was a great trail very nice scenery it has alot more trails that connect so you can make as easy or as hard as you like. I will be back to follow the other trails.

Good hike to walk of that McDonald's

uploaded a photo of one of the creeps from the trail. he was loading this shopping cart up into his truck in the parking area for some reason

walked down this trail again today. bags full of dog crap littering the trail. more scraggly vagrants. I'm pretty sure some skinhead guy stole my sweatshirt that i dropped

Was a nice hike until my daughter was accosted by a scruffy looking individual after running ahead of me. I would recommend anyone who walks this trail bring a big can of mace. Scary

this trail is a one star. creepy homeless people crawling out of the bushes and living in the woods. garbage all over the trail. groups of high school kids use it as a shortcut home and it shows

walked from park side apartment homes this morning entered the trail off 19th Street walked to the top then took pics of the abandoned truck then all the way through to the other side then home

our hike was very steep we never saw the bus I will try again without alltrails gps it put us at a neighborhood trailhead we went uphill 2 miles then 2 miles back to car it was beautiful but the info on my alltrail app was so disapointing...and wrong still great workout

10 months ago

Great work out!

This trail is a great gem within the city. It has nice inclines and hills which make it great to get your blood going. I only went in for a mile (2 miles round trip) an was able to log almost 40 flights of stairs! This is very accessible for families. Great trail.