A hidden gem in the dense coastal forests of southwest Oregon, Golden and Silver Falls State Natural Area may be hard to find, but it's well worth the 24-mile drive from Highway 101. The small parking and picnic area are located along the banks of Glenn and Silver Creeks and is shaded by large maple, alder, and Oregon myrtle trees. Hiking trails wind through scenic canyons to each of the waterfalls -- they plunge over sheer rock cliffs to moss covered boulders 100 feet below. Hike to the top of Golden Falls to get an eagle's-eye view of the cascading waterfall and giant old-growth firs and cedars.

Beautiful scenery and well worth the trip. Easy to hike even with higher altitude.

Lovely hike! And laughing at Bill Jones who turned around because he misread the 1.5 mile sign for 15 miles...

Beautiful, easy hike in, great for a picnic with the family!

We went in late March. It's has been a wet winter, so the trails were pretty muddy, wear shoes/boots that can get wet.
Two separate trails lead out from the small parking lot. The one on the left goes to Silver Falls, and the right side leads over a small bridge and goes to Golden Falls.
We only went to the bottom of both, but a separate trails leads to the top of Golden. To get to the top, take the left fork after you cross the footbridge near the parking lot.
Both Golden and Silver Falls trails are very easy and pretty short. For Golden Falls the trail ends at boulders that you can crawl over to get a better view. I liked the view towards the right, nearer the creek.
Silver Falls trail is more up hill, but nothing too hard. There was so much water coming over the Falls that we couldn't get all the way to the bottom without getting soaked, but the view is still spectacular.
Having seen photos of what the Falls look like in the summer, I'd highly recommend going in Spring. No comparison. The roar from the huge amount of water cascading over the top is amazing in itself. Golden Falls, along with the beautiful stream rushing by you at the bottom, is truly breathtaking.
Well worth the trip out of Coos Bay to see them. The only bad thing I can think of is the toilets near the parking lot. VERY poorly maintained. Broken seats, filthy, and the doors won't even close. Gross to even go in them.

4 months ago

Amazing beautiful hike! Well worth the drive!

6 months ago

The All Trail App is WRONG on where the trail starts. The sign says to drive another 15 MILES & that's down a 1 lane pothole riddled road. Since I was in an RV, I had to turn around.

It's a great trail. A lot of history on this old road/hike trail. Short distance but great viewing of both falls. It's even great for dogs and small children if closely watched due to the abrupt drop off edges of the trail. I would rate it a 4 or 5 if they would fix the main road to the trail head.

Some tips regarding access and trail directions for these wonderful hikes; First, the actual road closure is not at the parking lot / sign; you can keep going by car (thru concrete barriers) and roughly cut in half your hike in to the trail head (bringing it to approx just under a mile); parking to the side of the road there is possible, if there are not more than a handful of cars. Second, the trail directions on the board at the head indicate two options for the Golden Falls; lower and upper (see photo other review), however, immediately after the bridge at the start of the trail there is a split without any indication as to which is what. Take the right for the lower (short) to the bottom of the fall; and be prepared for a little moderate climbing at the fall to get a good view (the extent depends on your gusto). Other than that the trails are 15 to 20 mins round trip, and easy. Watch for banana slugs crossing the trails, so as not to step on them. For the last 5-10 miles drive in; drive slow, approx 20 mph with a regular car, since the gravel road has many potholes, some pretty deep. Pickup or SUV is preferable, if you have a choice. Agree with others here, that it is a pity the park and access to it has been neglected, but is still very worth-wile (maybe even better due to its access restrictions, as it ensures a quiet experience).

11 months ago

What a beautiful hike! Be prepared for a mile walk on a gravel road to get to the falls. So many wild flowers, moss, and lush greenery makes this waterfall hike quite majestic. I go every year.

11 months ago

Friday, May 27, 2016

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

I hiked up here a couple weeks ago with my dog. It was not nearly as long of a trail as I was expecting, but it was still worth it! The falls are absolutely beautiful! It's a great, short hike for any skill level.

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Beautiful waterfalls.

Friday, March 18, 2016

Lovely hike. The waterfalls were amazing. Must do