It's not your imagination ... those really are seal heads peering at you from the surf! A short paved trail descends from the parking and picnic area through the shore pine forest to a soft sand beach flanked by crumbling orange sandstone bluffs. Wetsuit-clad surfers often catch waves here in the mornings. As you hike to the right along the beach, the horizon is dominated by the dark green cape of Cascade Head. In case you decide to venture onward, please don�t disturb the sea lions found at the tip of the four mile Salishan Spit.

Sucks as a "hike". It is a very large parking lot which is free to park and has a trail that takes 2 minutes to get to the beach. It is no where close to a mile long. However you can walk as far as you want on the beach.

Sunday, October 04, 2015

A nice little beach park with restrooms. Ample parking, not much of a trail to walk though.

1 month ago