Great hike on a spring day when you want or need to stay close to town. We loved the various staircases and easements that popped up throughout the route

The trees are pretty up by terwilliger but under the freeway down to John’s landing. If you can’t get out of town and are desperate for a hike ok , otherwise get outta here!

I live in Hillsdale, so it’s pretty neat to be able to get down to the river on this trail. I also think it’s a special urban thrill to hike under I-5. Willamette Park is a nice destination, with bathrooms, water fountains, and a dog park.

Great trail loop with portland neighborhoods, woods, willamette river, and back. Good workout but not too hard.

This trail isn't all that difficult and is incredibly short. That's not a problem...just doesn't off much for the eyes. It didn't make me feel like I got a workout, honestly.

Thursday, December 31, 2015

Good dog walk on a dry day.

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