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1 day ago

Beautiful trails, well kept.

9 days ago

You can cross the St. Johns on foot bridge to pick up the Ridge Trail, and meet up with the Leif Erikson trail which goes all the way into NW Portland. My favorite urban hike, by far!

I discovered that, if you go up Wildwood instead of continuing on Wild Cherry, you can access the top of Alder via NW Leif Erikson Drive (which isn't paved, but a little stretch of gravelly road). If you do that, you can then make an actual loop by crossing over to Alder (which is a more narrow path and mostly uphill, but not too steep) and then go down Alder swing back up Dogwood to the top where it reconnects with Wildwood and take Wildwood all the way back down to where it connects back with Wild Cherry - and then back to the beginning! It's 6.2 miles. Took me a little over 2 hours, but I'm slow. Going up Dog was also uphill, but again not too steep. It was fantastic. Highly recommend this route if you're not up for really steep climbs, but want the extra distance while making a "loop." Lots a pretty wildflowers out right now too!

15 days ago

Did the 30+ mile thru hike. Took us about 12.5 hours point-to-point with ample rest/stretch/feed time and a detour to Pittock Mansion. It’s pretty much just walking through a bunch of forest for a reeeeeally long time. Super shaded so not too hot, but definitely Mosquito City. If you’re looking to do the thru-hike, I’d suggest starting at the southern trailhead in order to get the majority of your elevation gain out of the way before you get tired/sore. Also, you’ll be more likely to take the extra quarter mile to check out the Pittock Mansion viewpoint which is stunning and the only view you will get on this hike. Also, be prepared to share the trail with like, everyone in Portland. Overall, a good time.

Great trail. Get there early and park on an offshoot off Skyline to avoid chaos at the Germantown parking lots.

Really good hike. Definitely some steep slopes and exposed roots, which would make it difficult for out of shape people trying to get into hiking. Trail signs are misleading! Make sure you have downloaded this app and check the map at every trail sign-we kept following Wildwood trail which led us off this loop. This loop follows the Wildwood trail for the most part, but does utilize branching trails to complete the loop. Overall, it was a beautiful day for a hike and we all enjoyed ourselves immensely!

28 days ago

Did Wildwood and branched off to Redwood....It was beautiful and I suggest going early on the weekend. The only concern I had were some of the paths were skinny and there were a number of fast runners that would blaze by without much warning...we were on a skinny path with a drop-off and I felt like I was going to be pushed over.....so just be aware of pounding feet behind you, otherwise excellent.

28 days ago

good elevation with a great view in the beginning of mt adams and st helens.

29 days ago

I absolutely love the parts of this trail I’ve hiked, and I’m so intrigued by every trail that branches off, I get more and more excited about going back. It’s gorgeous and challenging and it’s wonderful in every type of weather, and it’s really hard to resist stopping and taking photos of everything.

1 month ago

This was a great easy hike! I used this as a way to ease back into hiking this summer. When we used waze to find the trailhead we did actually start at the end of the trail rather than the beginning. However it was nice I be able to see St. John’s bridge twice rather than just once!

This was a quiet, peaceful hike on a sunny Wednesday morning. So many birds! It was a perfect hike for my young dog, who is learning to be a good hiker. We saw only there other people in two hours. Don’t be put off by the fire lanes – they go through lovely terrain. There’s a pretty little Buddha shrine at Wilson creek, look for it! It’s a lollipop route. And yep, that last stretch back is uphill. Here’s a good description from a Portland Magazine piece about trails in the park. From NW Skyline Boulvevard, follow Firelane 15, cross over the Wildwood Trail, and turn up Firelane 12 to BPA Road. Go right on BPA Road. Turn right on Wildwood Trail. Return via Firelane 15. (Moderate, 4-mile lollipop loop)

1 month ago

Love this trail. Short enough for weekday jaunt after work. Didn’t see another io the trail. The end a bit of a challenge for so early in the year, but not too bad.

Love Forest Park. Parking area can get quite full on the weekend. There is another parking area to the SW where you can park too.

The first part on Leif Erickson can be a mix of mountain bikers, hikers and trail runners. Later on Wildwood trail the traffic is lighter (and no bikers allowed).

1 month ago

Great moderate hike, and the Skyline Tavern is at the end for refilling water bottles and a beer. Pretty well traveled, some signs of homeless camps off the rabbit trails but not overly so.

Loved this hike. I just love Forest Park's feel.

1 month ago

You’ll break a sweat with this hike up and down.

1 month ago

Ground (in some patches) somewhat soft from previous rain. But you can’t beat 73’ and sunny!

I loved this trail. I hiked it a few times. Lots of beautiful trees and flowers.

This is a good trail for hiking but not trail running. Quite a bit of incline and switch backs in the beginning, but it levels out once you reach dogwood/wildwood. Pretty flowers and scenery. Only saw 3 people on alder the whole time!

trail running
2 months ago

Started on 53rd. Less populated the further up you go. No incredibly steep inclines.

Probably a great trail running trail but pretty boring otherwise. Probably my least favorite trail as far as scenery goes.

A literal walk in the park.. Boring and not too much for scenery right now. Very wet and muddy!!

used to drive it in the late 60s and early 70s.

muddy and steep. that is all.

This really shouldn’t be labeled ‘Easy’. The last little part basically follows a power line and is strait down. It was pretty muddy as well, although we just had a huge rain storm. It was a great trail, though. A bit hard to know exactly which direction to turn sometimes because there can be up to 4 options and the signage isn’t that great. There were not many people, so it was nice and quiet. I would definitely recommend it, but maybe when it’s a bit drier and not for someone who is recovering from an ankle fracture =)

Fun first half on the trail, a lot of elevation changes and turns so it doesn’t get boring. Finishing on a fire lane back to the parking lot. Enough elevation changes to get a workout if running.

This not a true loop, but a lollipop trail. The majority of the hike is on wide fire lanes and therefore uninteresting to me. The only nice part of the hike was the part on The Wildwood Trail. Info I read said that it’s a less trafficked trail but I passed about 10 groups of people. Less trafficked for Forest Park i suppose. Enjoy the downhill in the beginning. You’ll be going up on the way back. This trail definitely falls into the moderate category but is an easy jaunt for seasoned hikers.

I haven't hiked the whole 30 miles of it but this is a great trail because there are so many other options to branch off of and cool places to see.

nature trips
3 months ago

Started the Wildwood Trail off of SW Fischer Lane. Also hit the Redwood and Oak trail. Did not go through the whole 27 mile loop of Wildwood but all trails we hit north of the Visitor Center was very enjoyable. Our starting point of the Wildwood was intensely green and vegetated. Oak trail not so much but for a sunny day in Portland, with very limited run ins with other hikers it was an enjoyable outing. Far more of a decent walk than what I would consider a "hike".

Loved this hike. The trail crosses over many streams of water. With dense moss covered tree views. Only took a star away because the trail sings were difficult to make sense of.

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