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2 months ago

The headlands for all downtown Portland mountain biking excursions (gravel grinders welcome too).

Drive/shuttle up and approach it from Skyline Blvd where there’s ample parking, or just start on your Surly at the waterfront and ride Thurman *all* the way up for 10 miles of well-compacted graveled glory.

Lief Erickson is basically an extension of NW Thurman St. and you can ride it all the way up or down through its beforested wonder; that is, with at least 10 good options for serious downhill side-excursions along the way.

Start at the top and bomb down through the quiet woods or start in the Pearl and ride all the way up. Actually do both: ride up 10miles through the beautiful forest, hit up the utterly amazing and “local-secret” Skyline Tavern for a pint of Boneyard. Or three. Then head back down, but this time take one of many fire lanes and choose your own adventure as to downhill glory.

Alternatively, fly your gravel grinder back down averaging 30mph and—towards the bottom—come out of a corner so fast that you pull a 20ft front-wheelie.

Everyone will say “whoa... cool!” And they’ll have no clue (none) that you were just braking as hard as you could to avoid hitting hikers with baby strollers while flying insanely fast through an amazing forest. Totally didn’t happen. Last month. Wasn’t the fault of Boneyard RPM, Skyline Tavern, and sheer happiness. Nope.

Anyway, if you like bikes and Portland and haven’t done this ride... you’re a tourist.

2 months ago

Great views. Downhill gravel is a bit rough but only a small part of the hike.

Great for trail running! I run here almost daily. Perfect amount of incline and plenty of shade/ cover from rain or sun. Love it.

8 months ago

Good trail to build endurance and condtion on.

It’s nice not having to park along the main road in this area of forest park. The trail is a little less traveled than some and the other hikers seemed a little more chill. Would recommend.

Would have been a 5 star if there wasn’t so much industrial noise at the end. Beautiful during the fall/winter with snow on the ground.

11 months ago

Although not a particularly difficult hike all around, it starts going straight up for a while (straight down on the way back) on loose rocky terrain. Next time, I will stretch first. Nice views and satisfying hike so close to Portland. Totally worth it.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

excellent for conditioning.

Monday, August 21, 2017

Great hike, lots of beautiful scenery!

Great leisurely hike. Wide path, not super steep. The trail was fairly populated - hikers, dogs, bikers. Pretty family friendly. Will return!

Saturday, March 04, 2017

Once you got away from highway 30, it was a beautiful hike next to the stream. A little muddy in march, but the stream was pretty full. Not too steep, nice incline.

mountain biking
Monday, September 26, 2016

Simple, non-technical ride. Moderately hilly, but not punishing. At the ends of the trail, foot, dog, and other biker traffic gets heavier. I like this trail for training runs and for tune-up rides. Sadly, parking at the the east end is neighborhood and usually packed. Parking at the west end is usually better although there is less space. I do recommend this trail for easy hikes, runs, and rides, just don't expect anything spectacular. It's good for dates, families, and pets.

Good long hike.

Monday, May 30, 2016

I paired Newton Rd with Wildwood Trail to make a short loop with an out and back extension on the Newton Road. I liked that it followed the ridge down towards Hwy 30 so that we got a nice workout in a few minutes. The elevation changes quite quickly in a couple of spots but thankfully levels out in between. A really nice workout. The trail is roomy (it's a road, but narrows to a trail) and looks to be used by mountain bikers, but we didn't see any. I don't know how the connection goes down at Hwy 30 since we didn't go all the way down. The Newton Road was not marked on Google maps but there is a street sign on Skyline Blvd. The Newton Road Trailhead has a nice roomy parking lot, but no potty. The forest is lush. Some wildflowers were blooming. We saw a tiger lilly and many more budding.

mountain biking
Sunday, August 09, 2015

this is not a mountain bike trail. it was a good down hill road but an unsure why it labled for mountain biking should be changed.

We did the Linnton loop which was around 7.5 miles. We saw very few people for a Sunday even though it was drizzling. The fall colors were great & lots of slugs & mushrooms everywhere. Most of the uphill work gets done at the beginning & then it meets up with wildwood. The rest of Leif Erickson was on a large gravel fire road. Coming back down to Hwy 30 was super steep. Over all a nice hike & a great way to see that section of Forest Park.

This is a great trail for groups of runners and walkers who go at different paces but want to start and end together. The trail is popular but wide enough to easily share.

mountain biking
Sunday, April 22, 2012

not a mountain biking trail

mountain biking
Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Although this is rated as year round, in usually becomes muddy, especially on the Germantown Road side, in the fall through spring. Best time to mountain bike this is in the dryer Summer months.

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