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5 days ago

Nice quiet trail, simple, and serene. Easy, but not too easy. Good for a walk among the trees.

6 days ago

8 days ago

Good for an easy short morning hike.

14 days ago

My wife and I have had the desire to do the entire trail for some time. Physically, we knew we were not up to doing it in a one day death march, too old for that. Three days during a vacation week seemed like a good idea. Logistically, we came up with the idea to use Uber to get us from our car drop point to the day's trailhead. It work out really well. Day 1 from trailhead to 53rd. Day 2 from 53rd to Springville Rd. Day 3 from Springville to Newberry Rd. At a pace of 10 +or- so miles a day, we really had a beautifully peaceful hike. Almost as important as the hiking, we finished each day at a favored tavern. We highly recommend the Skyline Tavern on Skyline Blvd. It is very close to the end of day 2 and 3. While I respect those that do the trail in a day, I'm sure we enjoyed getting our cold beer at the end of each of the three days as opposed to just one. Three days of hiking/ three happy hours!

19 days ago

It took two attempts but I finally managed to hike the entire trail in one day! So beautiful and what a great challenge. Funniest part was a woman near the end of my journey asking if I was injured (nope...just the soreness kicking in and could barely walk the last few miles!)

Did the top loop today from Fire Lane 7. Great elevation changes, glimpses of the river below, and a good workout.

I love the varying terrain of this trail. I can't believe I am in a big city while I run here. From mile 1 to 30 there is beauty all over.

26 days ago