5 months ago

I took the long way from Floras Lake down the beach along the cliffs to Blacklock Point. The waterfall was barely wet.


Oh, and a side note. When you choose directions on this app is sends you to what I assume is a different trailhead. It was quite a ways away across 101 to the east. We googled the Cape Blanco Airport and started there.

We hiked from the parking lot by the airport to Blacklock Point and back and it measured 2.8 miles round trip. I recorded the track one way but it saved under Floras Lake Trail. We hiked it 3/19/16 on a foggy drizzling day. There was a lot of standing water on the trail in many places.

I imagine the view would be gorgeous on a clear day. There is a lot of flat ground when you reach the cliffs overlooking the ocean. It would be a perfect place to have a picnic.

The hike was very easy, dog friendly and would be kid friendly too. (We only had our dog with us).

1 year ago

Beautiful. A hidden gem.