love the Allen Throop loop but I usually add it to Mulkey creek trail and start at Oak Creek side of bald hill. Cardwell hill I did'nt enjoy as much as these.

Easy hike with great views.

This is a fun little hike, only a little difficult incline.

If you follow the road signs you are not doing the trail as shown here. Follow the app map.

One of my favorite places.

Great walk, only went about half way and back -didn't reach the trail intersection. Not much to see, but lots to hear. Explored two 50's car body's crushed, and shot full of holes. No traffic, easy access, only parking for about four vehicles.

Great views and nice trail deep in the forest. Nice stream crossings and a fairly moderate to easy elevation gain.

Monday, February 13, 2017

The trail showcases a wolf tree; old, abandoned cars; Marys River.

Very enjoyable warm day.Very quiet and peaceful.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

awesome place. seen deer roaming in the afternoon. dogs loved it. nothing to easy just enough ups and downs to keep your heart pumping. great exercise . graveled mostly. off trail a little ways . river and picnic table area .swimming hole . enough cool off before hiking back out. going again.

throop loop is lovely !
beautiful short trip open sky with pretty views! special even on the pouring rainy afternoon we had ! greaT way to go !

white oak savannah.
white oak woodlands.
good signage at the out & back from cardwell hill dead end - wren. nice spot by the water before you turn around at railroad trestle.

nature trips
Friday, March 28, 2014

Search Fitton Green County Natural Area, Philomath, OR 97370, USA This works on National Geographic maps, De Lorme Maps, Garmin Maps, GOOGLE MAPS (LITE OR FULL Version) Yahoo Maps plus seven others map cartographers/programs. The land track does narrow but if you pull up the GIS data for the area it shows land owners and proper tracks. You can gain permissions for private tracks like the equestrian tracks now as well rather then trespassing then.
In 2007 the markers were 12-15 foot in the trees. In 2002 the lands changed ownership even though it was a natural area. Great cutthroat trout fishing. Carry Bear mace as the has been a surge of Bears n Cougars in the area. Lots of wildlife and great flowers. Please do not pick or dig the plants up. Mushrooms is a different matter but be sure of what you are eating, Cut them please do not pull them up and disrupt the mycelium. The red track is a well used animal trail. I showed the smallest loop on the land natural land envelopment. There is one large private loop and another loop you can track on any mapping programs.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

not clear directions... no loop. just a fire lane or "evacuation lane" which takes you bout 3miles out until you hit privite property... good for a out and back. but the whole time you have no idea where your destination is!!!! plenty of hills to tire you out. still enjoyed myself

Monday, March 18, 2013

Lovely hike on a sunny March Monday. We didn't see anyone else in the Natural area -- not until we got off the trail and started making our way back to the car through quiet neighborhoods. We made this a 4.68-mile loop, which did require covering some ground on paved streets through sparsely-populated neighborhoods to get back to our car.
To make the same loop, take a left at the dedication rock, take a left at the Y-intersection indicating the Allan Throop trail. Take a left at the sign pointing to "Panarama Parking". You'll end up on Panarama Drive. Head down Panarama Drive, which turns into Chaparral Drive. Take a left on Chinook and finally a left on Oak Creek/Cardwell Hill Drive, which will bring you back to your car.

This hike has LOTS of elevation changes, and a total of 692 feet of gain, so it's a good workout!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Not marked at all. Followed signs and found the trail head but then there are 2 gates, one to the left and one to the right. Once you've chosen and hike down, you find markers for the Allen Throop Trail and an evacuation route but that's it. I think we started on one trail and ended on another. It was pretty but ended up being under 3 miles.

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