There is an American Indian legend about this spot. Some say they hear a maiden's voice on the wind, and standing on the cliff overlooking the ocean you can easily pick out the face on Face Rock. There is a well-kept trail to the beach, and several rocky intertidal areas to explore at low tide. No beach camping from Bandon to Floras Lake.

The stairway to beach, offers a great workout, beautifully constructed, weaving around the ocean boulders. Nice beach, lots of drift wood. Secluded during winter.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Awesome views! Very beautiful coastline... Upper area is fenced around parking with walkway so even people with less mobility can enjoy. It has a nice stairway down to the beach. A hidden gem below is a nice cave or arch in the rock for a good photo op. I fouled up the track but got some great pics...