7 months ago

Easy hike!

Nice trail around the lake. Great for a casual hike.

10 months ago

This is an easy walk. Because of the lake's proximity to the highway, there is a regular hum of car and truck noise. A portion of the south half of the trail is through or adjacent to campgrounds

Amazing! At the top are these five beautiful lakes as clear as anything you've ever seen. Great experience! Easy hike all ages can handle it if there willing to walk 10 miles.

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1 year ago

It is fun

We did this fairly early in the day on our way home back to the coast from Sisters. It was a very pleasant and quiet walk in Oct. Because it was late in the season there were very few people around. Lots of mergansers though. It is definitely not 6 miles as stated.

Nice mellow trail around the lake. It is multi use so there were lots of mountain bikes and it runs through four campgrounds. Also one portion is close to the road so car noise gets loud there. Otherwise it's nice.

Nice flat trail that hugs the beautiful Suttle Lake. We encountered NO ONE today, but it's a Thursday. A few boats on the lake, a few campers but the trail was ours. The hike around the lake is really only about 3.5 miles, not 6.

Nice easy hike.. Lots of people.. And garbage

Great hike for kids! The flat trail keeps them moving along and the proximity to the lake keeps it interesting for them. Do not count this trail out as a winter option.

4 years ago

4 years ago

Nice lake views. Mostly flat.