Elijah Bristow State Park is located on the Willamette River, and is easy to reach via State Highway 58 southeast of the Eugene. The park was named for one of the first pioneer settlers in Lane County and is comprised of 847 acres of scattered meadows, woodlands and wetlands. Elijah Bristow has more than 10 miles of trail for hikers, mountain bikers and equestrians. Part of the trail system includes a portion of the Eugene to Pacific Crest trail. Salmon and steelhead trout abound during annual runs in one of the few stretches of the lower Willamette with fast-moving white water. Unique wildlife nesting and habitat areas fill the park's islands and sloughs. Channel Lake, a land-locked river channel that meanders through the park, eventually empties back into the Willamette. The lake and a short stretch of Lost Creek are home to a diverse community of plants and wildlife. A dense canopy of broadleaf and evergreen trees with a lush understory of shrubs and herbaceous plants provides an excellent area for nature study and outdoor education. Osprey, great blue heron, bald eagles and beaver live in and near the park. Elijah Bristow is also home to several threatened species, including the Western pond turtle and the Oregon chub. You'll find old-growth cottonwood, bigleaf maple, western red cedar, Douglas fir and western hemlock along with stands of Oregon ash and white oak. Elijah Bristow has three reservable picnic areas complete with picnic tables, water, electricity, restrooms and fire rings. Area B has a large barbecue stand. There is also ample opportunity for informal picnicking in other, first-come/first-served areas of the park. A separate equestrian staging area with tables, water electricity and a restroom make Bristow a favorite destination with local riding clubs

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A beautiful quick walk. Perfect for a winter 26 degree day.

can be mosquito -ridden and muddy, but a great trail system to wander for an hour or two.

mountain biking
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great for beginners, or just getting back into the swing of things

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When using Apple Maps, take a right where Seri says the route ends and continue straight until you cross a bridge. The destination will be on your left; there's a parking area you can't miss.

Beautiful trail in Elijah Bristow State Park. Worth walking a little further past the turnaround onto River Trail. After the turnaround keep an eye out for access points to the creek on the right; it's worth stopping for.

My only restraint is that the maps and trail markers can be a little misleading. Stay keen!