Great paved trail


road biking
6 months ago

In the day of , I rode it to the end. IMHO, if you refrain from the final portion where the bike path reduces to a Row River road shoulder, you lose nothing. The ride along Dorena lake is the most picturesque part.

rails trails
7 months ago

Excellent trail,. really enjoyed the trail from town to its end. easy ride, though happened to be on a weekend of record heat over 100 degrees. the mornings were wonderful though. stayed at Shwarz park campground and bikes to the trail a short distance west on row river road. we will do this trail again

mountain biking
3 years ago

this is an easy ride, but it was the first ride of season for me so it was a good start. got lucky with a nice spring day. people are very nice on trail. plenty of room and lots of rest spots with good views. also a good mix of shade and sun, tho in the morning that shaded areas were a little chilly

on Row River Trail

4 years ago

5 years ago

This was just part of the trail. the trail is around 16 miles around the lake and river we just only did 3 miles lol