It's a trail I hiked alone while visiting some friends. Your basic sand, dunes, and ocean. Nothing exciting, but when the weather is nice, it's better than staying home.

While visiting the lighthouse, we were told about this trail behind the lighthouse. Short, steep trail, but it will give you amazing views of the lighthouse. Definitely a must.

2 months ago

Muddy as all hell, and don't forget the insect repellent. Fair bit of fallen tree branches (not simple logs, like big messes of branches like from a storm) and a few creeks that were not crossable without getting in ankle-deep. Despite all that, I liked the area, I'd just like to see it maybe during a better time of year and with without the obstacles, lol.

Beautiful trail even if it is one of the more crowded ones around the area

4 months ago

Nice walk to the beach trail is very narrow until you get to the beach then a lot of up and down "dunes" to get to the ocean

Beautiful from up behind the lighthouse.

So beautiful!! 5$ to park-on the weekends it's quite busy. The beach is secluded and there are great views as you trek up to the lighthouse!

Very easy hike! Really beautiful and lots of wildlife along with beautiful mushrooms in the fall.

I took 3 dogs and my mother who has mobility issues. It was tough for her and a breeze for myself. Gorgeous views, lots of different kinds of mushrooms if you're there during the right time of year. Tons of wildlife which was lovely.

The trail doesn't actually start when the map says it does. You have to keep driving up that hill, when it forks take a left and you are there. The only bad thing about the hike was finding it.

9 months ago

it is an easy incline to the top the views are with it 1/2 Mile up. took both small dogs. Too many dogs on the trail. one had to be in heat it made my male super crazy. I'd leave them at home next time as it will be nice not to be tugged all the time. Nice beach and picnic area. A do over 4 sure.

Gorgeous views of the lighthouse, ocean, Forrest and Bed and breakfast. Short trail. Worth the stop.

Thursday, June 09, 2016