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Beautiful well groomed trail with different mountain views throughout the whole length. The trail is moderate and doesn't feel like 1600 ft elevation gain at all. Took us about 5 hours for the whole loop with good weather.

A top Cascades hike!

on Black Butte Trail

1 day ago

Worth the hike up! The views are beautiful. 360 degree perspective. My 7 year old made it a slog but we eventually got there and so happy we did!

2 days ago

Absolutely beautiful trail. Didn’t make it all the way to the lake, but lovely by the creek all along the way. Gently sloping, not very technical.

3 days ago

Very well maintained trail with lots of picturesque scenery, including the river, waterfalls, forest, open space with obsidian boulders and of course - lakes and Mountain View’s. Went over Labor Day weekend, lots of other hikers but not crowded. The hike in was 2 hours. We took a 30 minute break to snack and take in the scenery then hiked out, which took 1.5 hours. Would recommend.

It's the closest trail to my house, so it's my go-to whenever I need my "nature fix".

gets crowded, but great payoff

4 days ago

This an amazing trail which eventually will take you to broken top trail or green lakes trail (both of which are also fantastic trails). Windy as all heck when I went but you hike right down the sight of broken top mountain and some beautiful old growth most of the trail with beautiful views more than half the time.

4 days ago

Hard for me to completely rate this trail fairly. Started out hiking at 11p so it was pitch black. Very cold that night and to make matters worse once we got to the lakes the wind decided to get crazy. If I was to guess sustained 15mph with gusts all night up to 40. Powerful enough to have branches fall on our tent. In the morning the lakes were pretty but again very very cold mostly due to the wind. We did a loop with soda creek trail back to the trail head and decided to forgo no name lake that night given how windy it was the previous night at a lower elevation. The lakes were definitely pretty and so was the western side of broken top and the eastern end of sisters. Great overall trail system in this region no doubt.

Amazing trail. Beautiful day this past weekend 10/14 but my goodness was the wind howling. Strong enough to make you have to lean into it. Every step is worth it. Multiple different ways to get to this lake/mountain. The 5 mile trail head is definitely treacherous and would highly recommend a high clearance vehicle. Plenty of rocks on the road that would destroy most vehicles. One of the best hikes I recall and possibly my favorite in Oregon.

What a great trail! Off the beaten path which I loved. The trail loops around and leads down to Wychus Creek which is spectacular! One helpful note... to stay on the trail that leads down to creek there is a sharp right turn about 1/8 mile before the sign for Wychus Creek. It’s not obvious but it’s marked for horses as well. Thankfully another hiker told us about it.

The last 6 miles to the trailhead requires a high clearance vehicle and lots of patience. I read the road was rough, but this was ridiculous. I was stuck twice and had to turn around. I later spoke with a ranger and he said he wouldn't take his vehicle up there and that most use an ATV to access the trailhead.

The trip was still beautiful and I did a lot of exploring. Just wished the road condition was better publicized.

Great loop hike. Beautiful views.

Challenging and rewarding hike! Coming through the thick forest to the opening on the plateau and then down into the lake made this a hike amazing! I can’t wait to share with my family and friends!

You are pretty much walking through Lava the vast majority of the time. Pretty neat area if you have never been here before, not much of a repeat type of hike but certainly one that you need to do at least once.

This was my favorite hike of all time. Did it in mid September and only wish I had hiked in my tent so I could sleep on the edge. The weather can turn nasty VERY quickly so be mindful of time of year. I took my AWD SUV up the road and it wasn't that bad - just be mindful of tire placement. Tacomas were passing me like a little wuss but that's ok. :) Absolutely beautiful spot.

on Devils Lake Trail

9 days ago

Nice little trail. Beautiful Fall colors and peaceful.

absolutely beautiful and full of different types of scenery. there was limited visibility at the top when we went, which added to the feeling of being in another world.

11 days ago

Definitely a favorite trail! Interesting and beautiful views. For sure would do this one again.

11 days ago

We backpacked mid-September and experienced a mixture of weather. The views were amazing and there were many trails we explored once camp was set up. Grab a good water filter so you don’t have to weigh your bag down with lots of water. There are many places to refill with the filter. Trekking poles were helpful as there are a couple spots once at the lakes where you can cross water on logs but they are slippery so be careful. There are lots of easily located designated camp spots and a back trail to hike South Sister if you wanted. Will go again for sure!

Wonderful trail! 7miles out and back. Pretty easy hike, mostly flat the entire time. Dogs loved it as well! You follow the river for majority of the hike with beautiful views of the river and mountains. People also mountain bike on this trail. You can also just drive to the falls by following the road to the every end. (Lost of cars parked there) The falls were amazing!! Breath taking!! You can get very close to them and potentially even underneath them, but we did not try. We did the hike the first week of October:) highly recommend!

GREAT views

on Benham Falls Trail

19 days ago

Really gorgeous views of the river while heading to the falls, especially when combined with the colors of autumn.
It was an easy hike so poles aren't really needed.
I'd never seen a falls where it does a 90 degree turn - Loved it.

19 days ago

Love this hike! Distracted by the constant change of scenery from crossing creeks, to frolicking in meadows, to trekking through dense woods you'll lose track of the trail's elevation gain. Enjoy all the beautiful views.

20 days ago

Beautiful scenery.

Trail in great shape, some nice fall colors. Not too difficult, dog loved it.

Spectacular views - creek, waterfalls, Broken Top, South Sister, lava, and lakes. Bring a camera and plenty of water. Fairly easy hike - moderate due to the distance.

No bugs. Lots of Cougar scat.
Beautiful day, had the trail to myself.

21 days ago

Hiked the loop on 9/27 - 9/28 of 2018 CCW. The first few miles in this direction is through an area that has completely burned out and the dead trees look very eerie. Glad I went CCW so as to get this section over in the beginning of the trek and leave the great views for the end.

Lots of water sources in all areas EXCEPT NONE between the southern part where the trail turns sharply north. Before you start the northerly trek up to No Name Lake (CCW direction), be sure you have plenty of water. Lake and creek are not safe to drink. Lot's of sweat and the need to stay hydrated is very important. Three liters was barely enough for myself and dog. Were thirsty when arriving back to the lake and TH.

Worst part of the trip was being worried about following the correct trail. The entire Rim trail is horribly marked and there's several intersections with trails that have NO signs and are not on any map or Garmin. It was kind of crazy this way! Example, you're walking the RIM trail and you come across a sign that simply says "TRAIL" with an arrow heading off to the cliff. Then there's fork where it says horses one direction and hikers in the other, so you think you're at the section where the livestock trail begins and you only have 1.5 miles to the lake. But then a couple more miles later you actually come to that junction and wonder what the heck just happened.

Overall great hike but plan accordingly with water and be sure to navigate well. If you take the wrong path then you'll add extra miles on to your trip.

Beautiful waterfalls and an easy hike to see all of them. This one I ranked lower only because it gets pretty congested with many other hikers and dodging the bikes get challenging. Road to trailhead is gravel but no problems navigating around the occasional pothole. Parking is a problem if you don’t get there early.

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