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Crater Lake lies in the caldera of Mount Mazama formed 7,700 years ago after an eruption. It is the deepest lake in the United States and is known for its blue color and water clarity. There are two islands in the lake, and, with no inlets or outlets, all water comes through precipitation.

Easy trail, but also very beautiful. Perfect for little kids.

I highly recommend this Trail. It's not a hard trail to hike. Go late summer when all the snow is melted.

With the warmer weather a horrendous amount of mosquitoes came out. We had to turn back simply because the swarms of mosquitoes were going to town on us. Just beware that a warm day (it was in the 80s), as the snow melts, isn't a good time for this hike.

The trail itself is basically a set of switchbacks so that you can get down to the water. I preferred hiking along the rim for better views. That being said, my boyfriend (now husband) did enjoy jumping in the water. The trail itself is a means to an end to very blue waters in Crater Lake. It was pretty crowded when we were there in August.

18 days ago

We were there on the 25th of May. unfortunately most of the trails are under snow and inaccessible but it is still worth it to go and see Crater Lake. Absolutely stunning! Have never seen water so blue! We just took a short walk on the cleared road past discovery point and there were a few good vistas. I would want to come back when the snow is gone and do more hikes around the lake!

27 days ago

LOVE this hike! One of the best payoffs out there, killer views. Go early - beat the crowds and the sun (not many trees to shade you) - and this will be on your list of favorites.

2 months ago

Trail is quite short, but doable even if Rim Drive is closed. It's a bit of a jog walking along the road from North Junction, but the turnouts along the way (and easy off-road treks to the top of the rim from the road) leave you with plenty to look at along the way. Make sure to take your time at the bottom of the trail before heading back up, the solitude of the lake up-close is unparalleled.

Great trail to access the lake for a cold dip. Incredibly clear blue water. Bucket list worthy.

absolutely gorgeous.


a bit touristy

4 months ago

Phenomenal views of the lake. We did this hike early in the morning right after some fresh powder so we had to work for it.

Did this hike in a boot with a stress fracture. Cliff jumping was a blast and the water actually is refreshing on a cold day. Really cool to see the true blue of the lake up close, would definitely recommend everyone to do cliff jumping. It's a can't miss.