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Crater Lake lies in the caldera of Mount Mazama formed 7,700 years ago after an eruption. It is the deepest lake in the United States and is known for its blue color and water clarity. There are two islands in the lake, and, with no inlets or outlets, all water comes through precipitation.

Easy trail. Not necessary to go far for the best views. We went to the park boundary and saw the old stone structure that used to display the parks name. I assume this was once an access point to the park.

This is a lovely trail. We camped in site F11 and had the trail at our backdoor. We hiked the loop after dinner on our first night. Lots of pretty flowers to see here.

Walk to the carving and then go somewhere else. The loop is a waste of time. Much better things to do elsewhere in the park.

This was the most uninteresting walk. No good views from this trail.

This was a pretty hike. You can get the best view of Phantom Ship from here.

The hike to the falls is not scenic. Trail surface is unobstructed. The variety of flowers at the falls was nice.

This trail, for me, is an obligation. I just had to touch the water. Mostly, a well shaded trail, but not very scenic. Nice hike back up.

Excellent hike with fantastic views. My favorite so far.

4 days ago

Great hike, the highlight of a visit to Crater Lake in my opinion. Be prepared to go both down and up the Cleetwood Cove trail and yes, you'll need to reserve a spot on the Wizard Island shuttle to do this. There is a great spot just beyond the dock at Cleetwood Cove to jump into the cold lake water if you are so inclined. Once on Wizard Island, the hike took us 45 minutes up and 35 minutes down, so we enjoyed a lunch on top and took in the incredible views and amazingly blue water. Once down, we also did part of the Fumarole Bay trail, but we were running out of time and that trail is difficult to traverse due to the lava rock and it doesn't really take you to a good swimming location. Instead, we got in at the dock and swam very briefly. We also saw a fellow passenger catch an 18-inch rainbow trout, so bring along your fishing pole and artificial lure and see what you can catch. All told, between all three trails, we hiked about 6 miles with about 1,500 feet of vertical, so it's a full day adventure.

4 days ago

Great hike with spectacular view at the end. Just a little too popular for my tastes though, but that's probably what I get for hiking it on a Saturday of a holiday weekend.

scenic driving
5 days ago

Stunning views. But keep an eye on the road as you drive. There are no guard rails to keep you from going over the side. Common sense right?
It gets crowded on weekends so bear that in mind as well. For those with little children and with little time, this drive is quite nice.

5 days ago

Surprising trail with a nice reward at the end. Trail is mostly flat with a slight incline at the falls. We hiked between 2-3PM when the sun is on the falls and makes better pictures. The wildflowers were awesome along with hundreds of butterflies. Don't miss this one at Crater Lake NP.

Short, flat stroll while viewing the pinnacles.

on Mount Scott Trail

6 days ago

Very rewarding hike. Couldn't quite tell if I was close to the top then all of a sudden you turn a corner and see the fire lookout not far off.

This doesn’t need another review but I had such a good time I simply must. Every second of this trail is breathtaking. Don’t be fooled by the short distance, this hike is not easy, but it’s a killer work out if you move at a good pace. I think this was a fluke incident but a few falling rocks came down from the peak as I descended and could have ended badly for me if I wasn’t paying attention, make sure to be cautious of your steps and surroundings as the trail is narrow. If you only have time for one hike here, do this hike! You won’t regret it.

Good for all ages! The views were awesome! The other hikers were friendly and that made the day that much better!

Great trail and only place you can swim in the park (unless you take the shuttle to Wizard Island).
Challenging hike with lots of switchbacks, but well
Worth it. You can see the clear blue water and jump off a 35ft cliff! Lots of people hanging around the water, temps were 55 degrees! The cliff jump is well worth the cold for a few minutes. But, I did not hang around to swim.
If you take the shuttle around Crater Lake, you will
Have to do this hike.

9 days ago

Highest point in the park and definitely the best 360 view. It is challenging with lots of switchbacks. But, the views are worth it.

Highly recommend this hike. You can only do it if you take the shuttle to Wizard Island. You can hike down into the crater, it is amazing!

9 days ago

Nice quick hike to an overlook of the lake. Definitely worth the time. Roughly 1.5 hr round trip plus photo and snack time. High traffic

10 days ago

Very nice trail. Quite a lot of people, so we didn’t get too close to the actual waterfall. The flowers were all in full bloom and the butterflies were plentiful. It was a simple hike with a fantastic waterfall and a rushing brook as well.

on Cleetwood Cove Trail

11 days ago

So so. Nice views of the lake.

11 days ago

Meh. Tons of mosquitoes and more than any hike I’ve ever been on. Decent 1-2 miler otherwise.

on Wizard Island Trail

11 days ago

Cool to ride over to island and hike up to volcano rim and then down inside. 700ft up. Pretty easy hiking. Bit of an incline and same thing to get to the boat.

We did this early in the morning; it was nice to enjoy a quiet morning hike. We were the only ones on the trail. Pretty stream. Definitely recommend if you’re camping in loop E - easy access. Mosquitoes.

11 days ago

Definitely worth it to hike to the bottom. Make sure you jump in and swim! Active wife and I made it up in 20-25 min.

11 days ago

Gorgeous panoramic views of crater lake at the top, and amazing views the whole way. Very steep in the beginning- would consider it more strenuous. Great spots along the way to take in the views and enjoy lunch.

Unbelievably gorgeous in mid-July with rainbows of flowers and mossy springs gurgling across the stones of the path. Quick and lovely leg-stretch for adults with parking on the East Rim Road. Excellent for children (kindergarten and up?) to explore. Little girls might like to pretend fairies live by the smallest spring trickles. Mosquito-infested. Definitely not wheelchair accessible.

An explosion of wildflowers and butterflies! The walk to the falls is on a wide, flat hard-packed gravel trail appropriate for almost all ages and abilities. Even a person being pushed in a wheelchair can go all the way up to the falls. The forest is pleasant and fragrant but ordinary. Then come the falls! We were there in mid-July and the wildflowers were spectacular—over a dozen kinds covering the creek banks in profusion. A hundred (or so) tiny blue butterflies were drinking from puddles on the path and anyone who reached down soon had a butterfly or two on their fingers. The falls are lovely, too (If you have an iPhone, take a Live Photo and convert it to long exposure!). Definitely worth taking a picnic or guitar or drawing pad and spending some time at this beautiful destination. Mosquitos are abundant. No bathroom at trailhead or anywhere on the trail.

Stunning views and great bang for your buck! A very short (less than 10 mins) walk from the parking lot to the lookout, for amazing views over the lake. We were there about lunchtime on the 4th July and miraculously had the lookout to ourselves for about 20 minutes while we ate lunch.

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