Loved the trail. Was 11 miles though, not 9. Steep steep steep! Some snow at the top. Coming back was very steep, narrow and snow filled, very challenging for a few hundred feet there with the snow, and so close to the edge, dangerous. Views were amazing obviously! Would recommend, great work out.

Saturday, November 05, 2016

I started at the North Ridge trail and went up to the peak, then down East Ridge, and home using the 2005 road. A beautiful November day, though it had rained a lot recently and the gravel road leading in from Rt. 20 was showing damage. I was in a Camry, but I wouldn't wanna take the family wagon up that way. Beautiful state...can't wait to see more!

I also started at conners camp and took the road, it was a nice start to a long hike. The hike to the top was great and trail well maintained. After reaching the top (view is amazing) the connector trail to the east ridge trail was closed due to fallen trees. Made the hike a little longer...

I second the reviews from Matt Vogt (loved the quiet and solitude of Forest Road 2005, a bit of a welcome change from the "heavy traffic" of the North and East Ridge trails) and Stephen Burdick (the trail would probably not deserve a full 4 stars if it was not for the views from the top).
The parking lot at Conner's camp, where I started, requires a $5 day use permit as of May 2015 (don't forget to bring some change!). I decided to start on forest road 2005; it makes for an easy and more "grounding" start... but the road goes gradually down for a descent of 800 feet. Of course, that means there is a bit of a "price to pay" as the North Ridge trail, which you reach after a bit more than 3 miles on 2005, will now climb about 2400 feet in roughly 4.2 miles. The East Ridge trail, by comparison, is well under 3 miles and climbs about 1600 feet to the summit..Altogether, the loop to the summit and back is right around 11 miles.

Monday, August 18, 2014

This is a great variation on the East and North Ridge trails that combines both to make one big loop. You can start at either the North or East Ridge trailheads, and then either go up or take the forest road that connects them, ending by coming down the other trail. The forest road that connects the trailheads was deserted, quiet, and very pretty. If you're looking to add some miles to an already fairly intense hike, definitely try this one out.

trails are in wonderful shape, very green, no waterfalls. once on top of switchbacks the canopy opens up to take great wildlife photos. spotted on barn owl.