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A year-round recreational area offering the best of outdoor activities including camping, hiking, biking, golf, whitewater rafting and kayaking, windsurfing and kiteboarding, boating, bird watching, photography, downhill and cross country skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing – the list is endless. Just taking a drive through the Columbia River Gorge is an experience in itself as you will be in awe of this spectacular geological wonder. The Columbia River is the second largest river in North America, starting in northern Idaho and southeastern British Columbia, and traveling over 1,200 miles to the ocean. Through millenniums of geologic events, waterfalls have found their home in the Columbia River Gorge. A visit to the area is not complete without a visit to the breathtaking waterfalls.

21 days ago

22 days ago

So beautiful! Very touristy, but I can see why because it is an amazing fall.

Should really be an easy trail, people were doing this with strollers when I was there. That said, the view from the top was a little less than I was expecting. The view from the bottom and the bridge in the middle, WOW!

Beautiful but very touristy.

27 days ago

An incredible way to get your heart and adrenaline pumping!! Push through your fear, it is so worth it!

I did the full loop on 2/10. Needed ice axe and crampons. It was a truly a mountaineering effort to complete and not die on the trail. They had closed the gate on the Multnomah Falls side and rightfully so because it was extremely dangerous.

Check out some of the photos I posted, it was snow and ice travel all the way.

This is a phenomenal loop. There are so many damage, fallen trees, and erosions from the winter storm and will take some time to clean up after the trail thaws.

29 days ago

Climbed this hill during the winter four times. As of 2/23 the top half of the mountain is still covered with snow and ice. Traction device and ice axe still required to reduce the risk.

Beautiful morning. The best time to do this hike is 7am...on a Tuesday.... In the rain. . Didn't see a single soul. The trail was covered in so much ice and snow that I'm glad I had crampons or I never would have made it to the falls.

some spring break

Pretty easy hike. Snow made it a bit more difficult. Great waterfall.

The east first few miles are more scenic. Lots of snow in between trailheads during winter means you're better off with snow shoes although is still hikable, my shoes did get water in them. The tunnel is great and worth seeing, so I recommend starting on the eastern side. Pretty flat the whole way. Follows a highway so you always hear traffic.