Awesome view from the bridge. I attempted this trail back in March and got stuck going down beaver slide rd. Had to walk back up 5 miles to a clearing where I ran into some loggers that helped us! (It was a bigger deal than how it sounds, no service, no people around, extremely hard walk back up) Collins Review had me seeing flashbacks.

To avoid that!

Start at the end. Go to the end point from Cochran Rd it was easier on the Car and safer way in and out. We hiked two miles in to the bridge then two miles back. Some of the areas had frost and mud so wear good boots. If your scared of heights this may not be for you as there are three bridges you have to walk over that do not have any hand rail. Also the tunnel isn’t too long. If you keep on going you will see the other end. Bring a good flashlight!!

Overall not a bad hike. Straight and flat for the entire time. Great views once you hit the bridge!