Champoeg features a unique combination of history, nature, and recreation. This is the site where Oregon's first provisional government was formed by a historical vote in 1843. Situated on the south bank of the scenic Willamette River, Champoeg's acres of forest, fields, and wetlands recreate the landscape of a bygone era. Tour the park's visitor center, Newell House, and Pioneer Mothers Log Cabin museums to discover pioneer life at Champoeg. Take a guided walk to learn what happened to the bustling pioneer town of Champoeg, and how the Donald Manson Barn was built. An 1860s-style garden lies next to the visitor center. The park also includes the Historic Butteville Store founded in 1863. It is considered the oldest operating store in Oregon. The store is the last commercial vestige of the once thriving Willamette River community of Butteville. The Friends of Historic Champoeg operate the store Friday - Sunday and holidays from 11 a.m - 5 p.m., Memorial Day weekend through the last weekend in September

The path I took was entirely paved. The area is beautiful and definitely feels like you're out away from the city. Good for biking.

I did the Townsite Trail and looped back on the bike path. Had an off-leash dog come after my leashed dog (per leash rule). So irritating. He was fine, but I saw several dogs off leash. FYI.

I started on the Townsite Trail and then looped back on the bike path. Nice, low crowd April Saturday morning hike with my leashed dog. off-leash dog came after us. My dog was fine, but the other owner was a total jerk. Why can't people follow the trail use rules, especially if their dog is aggressive? The experience ruined what started out as a great experience. I saw a few other dogs off leash by the docks. So, if you're a dog person and don't want issues, leave your dog at home for this one. People just do not follow the leash rule when on the trails. Too bad.

Great for kids!

nice long walk, well gromed trails and great scenery. I rated it a four cause there probably would have been too many people if it was warmer out.

Monday, June 20, 2016

road biking
Monday, June 13, 2016

Not a bad trail. I biked a lot of it. Considering it's length, I would suggest doing that if you're looking for a short trip into nature. It's a short drive from Portland and a nice area. Not a lot to see if you spend your time hiking it in my opinion.

Friday, February 19, 2016

The walk from the park to the historic Butteville Store is very pleasant. It is quite easy, as the trail is paved and the only incline is on the return from the Butteville Store back to the trail. There are pleasant views of the Willamette River along the way and lush green forests with huge trees. There are also more trails within the park, again very easy with little or no incline and well-maintained trails.