Nice trails for a beginner like me. It’s easy to get lost though. I suggest using your phone to mark the parking lot. Or a compass and GPS is fun too

Nice trail system right by town. There are a variety of trails for various levels of fitness and use. We hike here a lot in the winter when it can be hard to get into the mountains. Lovely wildflowers in the spring and views of the surrounding mountains and town. I'd just say, watch out for the poison oak as it gets a bit close to the trails.

I've hiked here twice now. I love all the optional loops and trails with difficulty ratings shown on the trail signs. There are some pretty views at the trail high points, but mostly it's just an enjoyable hike with adequate shade for those days when you have some free time after work.

Really easy, even on the more "difficult" route! Shaded, not to hard and overall a calming hike!!

Starting out and will be back. Loved it so far!

Awesome set of trails. I did get turned around and spent almost three hours hiking. All in all a great experience, just pay close attention to the signs!

Easy hikes for when time is limited. Great to get the kiddos energy out on

Delightful system of trails, you can hike as long or as little as you like.