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A must-see when driving the Three Capes Scenic route, Cape Meares State Scenic Viewpoint is situated on a headland 200 feet above the ocean. Cape Lookout and Cape Kiwanda are the other two capes on this route. Cape Meares provides an excellent view of the largest colony of nesting common murres (the site is one of the most populous colonies of nesting sea birds on the continent). Bald eagles and a peregrine falcon have also been known to nest near here. The park features tours of an 1890s lighthouse, the Sallie Jacobson Interpretive kiosk and interpretive panels at key viewpoints. Cape Meares has over 3 miles of hiking trails and a mile-long walking trail that winds through old-growth spruce trees (including the uniquely-shaped Octopus Tree). In winter and spring, this park is an excellent location for viewing whale migrations.

Road is closed.

Took my wife and five kids (3-11) down and back. Trail was in very good shape most of the way. Only had to scramble over a few downed trees and only a couple moderately wet spots but is been dry for the last few weeks. Only issue we had was the last scramble down to the beach. We had to bush whack it 50 yards to the north from where the train came out to actually make it down to the beach. Very rocky as others have stated but fairly private with great views. Just a heads up the road to the trailhead was closed coming in from the north and we had to backtrack and come in from the Netarts side.

We went here back in November. It was a stunning sunny day. The hike is fun and easy and has great views onto the ocean.

1 month ago

Well worth the short walk. What an amazing tree!

Super short and great for kids!

We had a great time on this hillside hike. You get to listen to the waves as you make your way down to a rocky beach. It will be really slick and muddy if it’s raining for you, but after a day with no rain, it was a fun challenge with only a few muddy spots. As others say, there’s a few spots with fallen trees and a few spots requiring a scramble.

2 months ago

If you want to get up to this area you have to take the highway through Netarts and Oceanside. It is closed coming from the northern portion of the loop. As others have noted, this really is more of a stroll, but this tree is really cool. Took our 7 year old and even he was impressed with this tree. You can add in a short walk down to the lighthouse which we did and the whales were very active which was fun to see.

just the right challenge for me and easy for my kids. we were prepared for the mud, and it was a beautiful day.

The road to get to this hike is closed, just want to save everyone the time. Not sure when it will be re-opened.

road to this trail is closed

very difficult. fallen trees on trail that must be scrambled over/under, washed out areas that are very slick. use caution, especially with children and pets, and wear proper shoes and it is possible to make it all the way down to a very rocky but beautiful beach.

road to the lighthouse is currently closed

3 months ago

Trail was washed out a couple places requiring a little bit of agility over trees and down small cliffs but rewarding to get to the beach. Main trial to beach was closed but there was an alternate trail available. Rocky but nice beach at bottom.

Easy hike and worth the visit, very unique!

Beautiful views and benches to sit and enjoy for a while. Loved the lighthouse and reading about the history.

Loved this hike. Went during the week with my boyfriend and we had the place to ourselves. Easy hike, beautiful views.

A bald eagle flew into my frame while I was taking pictures from the cliff side. What could be better?

9 months ago

A warning to older folk, this trail can be deceptively difficult. It's all downhill on the way there, which is nice - but it can be a difficult hike back up the paved path. It's not bad for anyone without physical ailments.

9 months ago

I wouldn't call this a hike - more like a stroll. However, the Octopus Tree is awesome. The pictures online are an accurate look at the tree, but you still have to see it in person.

Fun lighthouse near Tillamook, OR.

11 months ago

Really cool tree by Cape Meares Lighthouse.

Quick hike -- great views..

11 months ago

Enjoyed this hike. Most of the path was well-worn, but a spot or two could have used a machete trimming. There are a few spots where it is slippery/muddy if it's been raining, and a small portion of the trail was narrow and crumbling down the steep slope, you have good shoes on right? The final decent to the beach involves an assist rope down the last 20 feet to the beach. Well worth the trip.

Monday, May 29, 2017

My kiddos love this stop

Great for kids!


Friday, May 05, 2017

This trail is not really that difficult, though it does require either stepping in some pretty deep mud or maintaining your balance along the edge. Not a smooth and well-maintained path, but I think it was great fun, and it has a lovely, secluded rocky beach at the bottom.

Thursday, March 30, 2017

not the hardest, but very scenic. lots of character. been going to this one since i was in grade school, simply amazing

Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Definitely worth it! It may be short, but it is quite enchanting seeing the old growth Forrest!

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