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We had a great, dry day. About 4 miles down the trail we hit so many downed trees (near the creek) we could no longer locate the trail and had to turn back. I don’t know if I would categorize this as a ‘hard’ hike. There were a few steep, challenging parts, but the areas we did were moderate.

wonderful hike! breathtaking views at the lookout!! lots of down trees, especially between Pansy Lake and when the trail forks.

Hiked 8/31/2019: Good views, most of the trail is well maintained, and the road was passable with care in my Corolla. We only saw seven other people on the trail - and this was Saturday of Labor Day weekend ! - though we encounter a few pitched tents at Pansy Lake.The Dickey Lake trail #549 has a *lot* of downed trees, and clearly has not been maintained in a few years. The rest of the hiking route is in good shape. There is a road washout about 7.5 miles from the trailhead that will be very hard for a Prius or other especially low-clearance vehicles. About 1/3 of a mile from the trailhead there are a half-dozen rutted spots that need a lot of care to navigate. There are some trees over 4' in diameter along the way. The huckleberries were peak, and exuberantly abundant and delicious on the east and south segments of the loop *burp* Conifers seen: Douglas-fir; red-cedar; yellow-cedar; western white pine; western and mountain hemlock; silver and noble firs. The spring along the BoW 'stick' segment was more of a seep, but with patience had some water. There were also still a few flowers in spots, but definitely modest in variety and abundance.

I hiked into Pansy Lake on a Friday afternoon. the hike was pretty easy only gaining 500' or so in elevation. when I arrived at the lake I had my choice of campsites as no one else was there. There are probably half a dozen decent sites around the lake itself, with another 10 or so smaller sites back away from the water, scattered throughout the woods. The lake itself is quite small and shallow with a pretty muddy bottom. Being so shallow it was fairly warm and felt great as a post-hike plunge. On day 2, I hiked the Bull of the Woods loop clockwise. This requires hiking back towards the trailhead about half a kilometer and taking the 549 trail spur. This trail is somewhat overgrown in a couple of places which had me wondering if I'd somehow gotten myself lost. I hadn't. There is also a fair amount of blown-down after you pass the spur to Dickie Lake...nothing insurmountable though. The trail then climbs about another 1000' until you reach the ridgeline. After the ridgeline is attained, it's a fairly easy hike along the crest that offers a number of pretty amazing views! Bull of the Mountain Lookout does not disappoint. The day I was there was quite clear and I was able to see a close-up view of Jefferson, as well as Hood, Big Slide, Three Finger Jack, and the Sisters...Amazing!! After the Lookout, the trail is all downhill back to the lake. As you get closer to Pansy Lake, you will cross several scree fields that can be kinda rough on sore, tired feet, which makes the post-hike dip in the lake that much more enjoyable! As a bonus, hiking this trail in mid-late August will provide you with the opportunity to pick and eat as many Huckleberries as you can possibly stomach! Seriously! This loop probably took me an hour longer than it otherwise would have because I kept stopping for berries! Delicious!! I stayed one more night at the lake and then hiked out on Sunday. Over the course of those 3 days I only saw 5 other groups of people. One family ended up camping at the lake, while the others were day hikers passing through. I honestly expected to see heavier traffic for the last weekend before school starts so I was pleasantly surprised. All in all it was a great hike and trip. Easy enough that just about anyone could do it, but difficult and rewarding enough to let you feel like you've really accomplished something when you finish.

No one there but us! Great views. Huckleberries galore.

Great loop hike. Amazing 360 view at the top of all the cascades. Overgrowth along the Dickey Lake Trail.

If you start from the Bull of the Woods Lookout Tower trailhead, be prepared for rough roads to get there. It can be done in a small vehicle with a little technique. We did the hike to the lookout tower and then back to the trailhead on 7/6/19 and it was a relatively easy hike, something like 1,000 feet elevation gain. It was a little crowded at the lookout tower, but it was a Saturday after all. Great views and a nice hike. The trail is a little overgrown, but not bad, and only a couple of downed trees to climb over. Please keep your dogs on a leash, clean up your trash, stay on the path, and don't trample the vegetation!

Have a map! Great hiking, but the trail was difficult to follow. We completed the loop after being forced to look for the trail a few times. Great camping spot right on a creek.

Trekking poles and bug spray are a must. Follow pink ribbon and rock cairns on trail 557.

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off trail
over grown
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Geronimo Trail is abandoned, if you are not good at land navigation it will be tough.

great hike but definitely do the loop

Thought I was on the easy trail but completed this one nonetheless. A few logs to navigate over or under or around, which my Westie didn't appreciate, but the views at the end were a nice payoff. Also several worthy views along the way if you can't or don't want to complete the whole hike.

Great hike, great views

Good legs workout to the tower, from pansy lake. A dozen or so trees across the trail. Bugs. Gorgeous view at the top.

Some overgrowth on the trail and less maintained, but not too bad. Went in early July and came across some snow, but nothing too terrible. Be prepared for lots of mosquitoes. Recommend bringing bug spray/deet to avoid the bites. Views from the top are worth everything, with Rainier, Adams, Hood and the sisters all visible.

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