Bring pants for this one! There are LOTS of blackberries (native & exotic) on this trail, many are over-growing the trail. I did see some poison oak at the beginning of the trail but didn't see any on the trail itself. There couldv'e been some along the trail mixed in with the blackberries.
There is no trail head marker & no trail markers. It could be really easy to take the wrong trail as nothing is marked. The only reason we stayed on the correct trail is because I had the all trails map up on the phone app.

1 month ago

I rated this trail as one star, not because of the trail itself but because the entrance to the trailhead (off of Garryanna) was covered with poison oak. Since I have had very severe reactions to poison ivy, we decided to hike a different trail.

Really pretty little hike. Its the perfect way to feel like you've escaped suburbia. magical really. You can easily get confused between this trail and the power line trail. but you wont be disappointed with either trail. There were lots of spider webs and growth into the trail which makes me think it isn't trafficked much.