Photos of Benton Park Trails

Benton Park

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Awesome Hike! When you get to the Mount Emily trailhead and look at the map they have it can get quite confusing. There are several different hikes and some hikes are only accessible by hiking a separate trail to reach it. There are many signs and they are quite confusing, they are all labeled but it can become challenging to distinguish which sign is pointing to which trail, just trust your gut and match it with the site map and you should be fine. This 7 mile loop is actually called Mera loop once you get up there and there are several different hikes that stem off of this one. I only did the loop this time but really want to go back and try some of the different hikes that shoot off of this one. Beautiful hike, a couple cool streams and bridges you have to cross over. There’s a couple picnic tables once you reach the halfway point. All in all a moderate 7 mile hike!! Look out for the huckleberries!!