Bring your binoculars, boots or small boat to Beaver Creek. This new park offers paddling, bird watching, walks in the marshland and hiking in upland meadows. Put in your kayak or canoe at the Ona Beach launch. The two-mile paddle meanders up the Beaver Creek valley with views of the surrounding Sitka spruce and alder forested hills. Look for beaver, river otter, muskrat and nutria. If youre lucky, you may see a Roosevelt elk or black-tailed deer. Follow the trail from the Visitor Center parking area (opening Oct. 1, 2010) across the marsh. Several miles of trails take off from the small bridge that crosses Beaver Creek.

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The trail main entrance & welcome center are on N. Beaver Creek Rd; the trail there passes through a marsh so was closed due to high water levels in the marsh. The alternate entrance is via S. Beaver Creek Rd, with parking across the street from the access/service road . It is a well maintained trail with limited views. There are some other trail branches within this system.

My hubby and I love kayaking at Beaver Creek! We live on the coast, so this makes for a short drive for a relaxing day on the water. There is plenty of wildlife along the way. Pack a lunch and enjoy the ride! Up a ways there is a large log across the river, but just lay back and limbo under it, continue on your peaceful journey. Occasionally the winds can pick up offering a nice workout. This is a slow flowing river, so you can take a break and drift if you want. One of the best kayaking spots in Lincoln county!

great birding! Nice lazy kayaking- lots of nutria

Love this kayak trip, saw eagles, otters, beaver and lots of birds

Five stars is for the visitor center and awesome park ranger that we talked to today. He talked to my kids about different trails and animals and what to do if they see a bear. He offered up some suggested hikes which we did. We did part of the Bear Creek Loop then Snaggy Point Lane (not wide and need to navigate through berry bushes) up to Cougar Ridge. The view at the top was nice and had some picnic tables. The trail is a little difficult because you are walking on matted down prickly berry bushes. With long pants and hiking shoes it would be fine. My kids actually really enjoyed the Beaver Creek Loop trail and looking at frogs in the water. In the visitor center they have a list of recent animal sightings. A bear was seen today but not by us! We had a nice time here. Very pretty!

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Saturday, December 03, 2016

We completed this kayak adventure several times while living in the Portland / McMinnville area of OR because it was one of our favorite paddles. The river starts at the ocean where you can play in the bay before venturing up river (mindful of the tides). There is a wetland area where a sojourn through grasses and cattails is great fun but careful on watching the route in as it is easy to lose your sense of direction back to the main river. The river has lots of wildlife including otters, bald eagles and osprey. There are wide areas of the river that can get quite rough with the combination of the tide and wind but this just adds to the fun. As you continue the river narrows but stays deep with steep banks so there is no problem of bottoming out. One spot requires a “limbo” under a pole used as a walkway over the river. Travelling through farmer’s field you encounter cows watering on the bank. Just keep “moooving” as not to disturb their relaxation. Overall, this is a fantastic kayak trip for a full day of paddling. Enjoy!

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