Sunday, June 12, 2016

Easy flat trail with a river and rim loop. Interesting rock and cave. Parts of the route not well maintained with overgrown brush and fallen trees.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

I noticed this was a trail review for a campground, so I'm reviewing both the campground and a secret trail to some caves that start from the back of the campground. First the campground, It's located alongside the North Fork of the Santiam River with many sites with river access among mature trees. Site 13 is along the river and the only site that can accomodate larger RVs and all sites are first come first serve with no hookups. This campground is run by BLM along with the sister campgrounds Fishermen's Bend and Yellowbottom. Now for the "secret" There's a lava plug that looks like a mini volcano 1/4 mile East of the campground, if you drive to the very end of the park you will see the trail at the end of the parking area. To get to the 2 small caves walk about 1/4 mile East, or up river where you will hear a creek flowing then look left and you will see the "volcano" in the trees and a small trail going to it. If you follow that trail it will take you to the lower cave then go back around to your left and a trail will take you to the bigger upper cave and if you continue past the upper cave you will come to a strange sight....the "volcano" looks like a pyramid, thus the locals call this place King Tut's Tomb.